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Gathering of Friends 2003
August 8-11, 2003
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Karen, Riley and Gail
(notice who's wearing a halo?)   

     Riley begging for her head
 Lots of food and Goody bags
Anita gets her 1st Quickening from Carmen  
 Elaine, Becky & Rosanne check out the
Drool bucket
Debbe S ( and Dunkie bear) gets inducted into the Gutter Girls  
Bathtub fun! Dana is officially a Gutter Girl!  
There is no way to Peace,
Peace is the way  
 Who knew Rodin sculpted all these?
Highlander is everywhere! Look, a Quickening!
Riley and Monet.....her favorite. We had to drag her away!
 Karen and a poster of the CaveMen
Final breakfast
It was a blast!
We all swore...see no evil, hear no evil.....  

 ~The Cave~
During our trip we planned a special night at The Cave.
**Caution: This was an adult women's entertainment club and there is some partial nudity.
If you do not wish to view the pics, please do not click on link!.

Click here to visit the cave with us!

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