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Gathering of MacGeezers 2010

There are a lot of fans who've been around the Highlander/Adrian Paul fandom a lot longer than I. Sadly, some have left
us, some leave for other fandoms, some leave because priorities change, but some, well, they just stay.

Over the years that Adrian's Angels has been online and existed as a Yahoo E-group, I've come to know many of these
fans. To keep Adrian's Angels working, I've come to depend on my Moderators and other fans. We have become...
The "MacGeezers."

We fans usually gathered at Cons or gathered in hometowns but this time, it was a rare event because only the  
MacGeezer community was invited. A lot of AA business needed to be discussed, as well as these ladies agreed to help
me celebrate my 58th birthday in relative quiet and assist me with a wedding I had agreed to design for. They had also
been invited to the wedding by the couple. It was a chaotic week! Fun, but chaotic!

The MacGeezers: Elaine, Gail, Jen, Linda & Riley (seated)
Mr Parrot was there!! So were Elaine, Gail & RIley
Riley shows her true colors...horns & haloes!
Riley dances with Audrianna at the wedding.
Judge Charles Barnhardt & wife Molly were our hosts.
Linda pole dances on the Tram to top of mtns
Makayla takes a break from dancing at the wedding reception
Elaine, Riley, Gail & Linda visit Old Town
Neighbor Joanne (she's 70!!) Luaus with us.
Mona & TJ the Happy Couple

Molly and Gail in Tram on way to top of Sandia Mountains
Linda shows off her ability to light up a room.
Linda and Audrianna at reception.
Gail models a coconut bra. It doesn't fit. :(
The Sandia Mountains.
Gail and Riley send love & Peace.
Audrianna (flower girl) and Makayla (junior bridesmaid) rest after the wedding. They danced the night away later!

Elaine took  the World's Longest Aerial Tram ride with us.
Riley attempts to Hula. She fails.
Jen reaches the top and didn't want to leave!
We wish that many more had been invited, but due to space limitations as well as my own OCD problems with too many people
around, it just worked out this way. Some MacGeezers were unable to attend because of prior commitments or unable to travel,
but they were with us in spirit..

Don't miss the fun! Join our E-group...

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