Wall Murals
Escape from the mundane.....
dream of far off lands, relax amidst a forest.

A Mural can take you anywhere!
Most of these started because I saw a blank canvas that
surrounded the garden tub area. Sitting outside is
much more pleasant.. so a hillside was created
and it's still a work in progress.
(Please click on picture below to see a larger version and more detailed pictures)

Bathroom Garden Tub Mural

My ever continuing bathtub mural. It's amazing how much time we spend in the bath...and with such a vista, why not?
I contstantly see areas where I want to add more detail, or
add some little animal, bug, bird or whatever my brian comes
up with.

Kitchen Wall Vine

My son and daughter-in law bought a new house and it
needed decorating!

Ahhhh...more walls to paint! This was done to give the kitchen a
bit more warmth and further than Tuscany feel they wanted.

Fireplace Mantel Vine

A dear friend wanted to add a little extra "oooomph" to her
living room. The vine took on a life of it's own!

Precious Moments Baby Room Mural

The baby was on her way!! she needed a room to grow in, to sleep in, to see with eyes wide open. The towering tree overhead provided a constant source of amazement, and the amazing ceiling kept her eyes busy!

Sponge Bob Squarepants Child's Room Mural

An "almost" 4 year old adored this cartoon character, so as a surprise for his 4th Birthday, an undersea mural awaited him.

Busy Town Child's Playroom Wall

The playroom was an empty canvas and the little girl needed a afe place to play, grow and learn. A bustling street full of storefronts, a park, and lots of fun things to find and inspire her imagination.

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