Trompe L'oeil
(pronounced "tromp  loy")
"Trompe L'oeil," a French phrase (meaning to deceive the eye)
is an artistic tradition that dates back to ancient Greece.

It is a style of painting in which objects are rendered with
extreme realism but are also given the illusion of
depth that no photo can quite match.

Below you'll find some of my own Trompe L'oeil interpretations.

(Please click on an image to see a larger version)
Is it a real sign??
The walls are cracking!!
Wine bottles sit on a small ledge...or do they?
A wreath of wheatgrass adorns the fireplace.
A porthole in a bathroom door makes freinds look twice!
A plant on the countertop...but there is no top!
Window to the Italian countryside....look again!

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