Mural Ideas
Ideas for your home, office and more!
Have you ever sat and looked at that blank wall and imagined ..there just should be "something" there?
Yet, you have no idea what?

Or have you wished there was a way to make a room special,
but have no idea how to achieve that?

Take a look below at a few ideas other decorative painters
have come up with and see what stirs YOUR imagination!

(please be intensive!)

That blank wall at the end of the hallway... the small area
that just needs a little "something"....these are good
places for a mural scene.

Painted by: Brillczar

That huge blank wall that you stare at thinking "What
can I put there?"

Does the area need character? This idea is great in
an open office area.

Painted by: Tim Haas & Linda Assels-Hoffman

A small breakfast alcove takes on a whole new personna
with a couple of arched murals to keep you company
with your coffee or tea.

Sit and stare off into space and no one will blame you!

Painted by: Tim Haas & Linda Assels-Hoffman

A jungle theme painted bed is striking enough, but add some vines and animals on the walls and you've created Africa!
If you can't travel in real in your home!

Painted by: Tim Haas & Linda Assels-Hoffman

A Trompe L'oeil alcove captures your attention.

Is it real?

Visitors to your home or office will all stop to check it out.

Painted by: Zeeartforfun

Hand-painted signs tell customers a whole lot about you, your home and business.

You care about detail and love to capture the imagination!

by: Unknown

A little girl's room with fluttering butterflies and towering flowers is a lovely place for little tea parties.

Painted by: Dancinglinemurals

Take their breath away with a Cut-away on your wall.
Painted to look as if the wall has broken away, anything
is possible...even monkeys!

Painted by: Tim Haas & Linda Assels-Hoffman

Another Cut-away in an office/den area catches the eye
when work becomes mundane.

Painted by: Tim Haas & Linda Assels-Hoffman

Just keep on walking into this corner and you'll find
yourself amidst sandy beaches and sunny skies.

Painted by: Tim Haas & Linda Assels-Hoffman

No window in a small room?
Washing dishes and staring at a blank wall?

Just the place for a small mural!

Painted by: Jeanie Vickers

A long hallway going nowhere can become a special trip!

A few stones, some painted vines and you're walking through paradise.

Painted by: Tim Haas & Linda Assels-Hoffman
 Painted by:Brian Vaughn
Painted furniture too can change your everyday life into something special. Just a simple vine transforms that old desk or dresser.
(sorry, the pic is not that great)
Note: These are NOT my murals....they are the work of others, borrowed to give you ideas.
I have attempted to give credit where credit is due. your brain working overtime?
Are you staring at that wall...that corner.. that piece of furniture and imagining a different look?

This is where I come in!

Let me help you create that special space. Take a look at
some of the ideas I've come up with and painted
myself for friends and family!

(click here to head to the Wall Murals page!)

Take a look.... then just E-mail me and let's
discuss your ideas! Nothing is impossible.
Have a comment or question?
Have a wall that's just begging to be different?
E-mail me!
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