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adrian paul movies, adrian paul movie pictures, adrian paul pictures, adrian paul early movies

Storm Watch (2002) ....

... aka Code Hunter (2002) (UK) (USA: video title)
... aka Virtual Storm (2002) (UK: DVD title) (USA)

Directed by:Terry Cunningham  Writing credits:Flavia Carrozzi
Terry Cunningham (written by) Filmed in Vancouver, Canada

America's best player is being pulled in to the ultimate cyber-terror. The game's mastermind has stolen his identity, put him on the FBI's Most Wanted List, and is blackmailing him to take a part in a real twisted plan of world destruction. With just hours left, can the code be broken to   save the world from total annihilation?

 Nick Cornish .... Nick Chase,  Vanessa Marcil .... Tess Woodward , Bai Bai .... Skylar, Adrian Paul .... Neville , Tone Loc .... Ray ,Coolio .... Outlaw

Check out our Code Hunter movie screencaps page!!

Tracker Tv Series (2001-2002)

First aired October 15, 2001

There's been a prison break and 218 dangerous convicts have escaped from Cirron. Led by Zin, a ruthless and diabolic criminal they are here on Earth. Help is on its way in the form of Cole/Daggon, The Tracker. An innocent meeting with Mel, a young bar owner (The Watchfire) keeps Cole/Daggon on his toes as he learns to adapt to life on Earth and together they work to send all escapees back to Cirron.

Filmed in Toronto.

To read about the escapees, Cast Bios, Planets and the entire Episode Guide, we have a small Tracker section packed full of information.

Click HERE to go to TRACKER

Adrian Paul Tracker series info

adrian paul movies, adrian paul movie pictures, adrian paul pictures, adrian paul early movies

Charmed   (2003)
The Mummy’s Tomb
"Y Tu Mummy Tambien"

ORIGINAL AIR DATE: 5 January 2003

The sisters battle a demon who hunts witches and leaves them mummified as he tries to find a host body for the spirit of his deceased lover — and Phoebe becomes his next target. Meanwhile, Piper struggles with uncomfortable clothes and unwanted attention resulting from her progressing pregnancy.

Holly Marie Combs * Alyssa Milano * Brian Krause

Nemesis Game (2003)
 .... Vern

The film was shot mostly on location in Toronto. Written and directed by Kiwi newcomer Jesse Warn, the thriller is produced by Canadian Suzanne L Berger (Top of the Food Chain) and New Zealand's Matthew Metcalfe.

The movie is about an orphaned female student obsessed by events  that can't be rationally explained. Cast includes: Carly Pope, Rena Owen and Adrian Paul.  Adrian stars as Vern, a tattooed, streetwise magazine shop owner who loves riddles.  Together with Sara Novak (Carly Pope) they wander the streets and become involved in a riddle they never expected!

Check out our Nemesis Game movie screencaps page!!

adrian paul movies, adrian paul movie pictures, adrian paul pictures, adrian paul early movies

Watch the cool video on IMDB

(click here)
Alien Tracker (2003)

This is a mixed up version of several episodes of the series "Tracker" that Adrian was involved in.  
(please check out our great TRACKER section devoted to the short-lived TV series.)

In a galaxy far away, alien criminals organize a spectacular prison break. Pursued by their home planet’s authorities, their leader Zin decides there’s only one place to go: through
a wormhole that allows instantaneous travel to Earth. Cole is the Alien tracker who’s in hot pursuit of the escaped convicts. When a government group investigating xtraterrestrials
 captures one, Cole must break into the facility and free him before they gather the hard evidence they need to prove that alien life exists on Earth.

Check out our Tracker movie/television series screencaps page!!

adrian paul movies, adrian paul movie pictures, adrian paul pictures, adrian paul early movies

      Moscow Heat (2004)
.......Endryu Chembers (also known as Edrian Pol)

Premiered in Moscow and was only available in Russia  on DVD for a long time but finally released in the US November 2005

During an illegal weapons deal in New York, an undercover cop is brutally murdered by a ruthless arms dealer. The father of the slain officer teams up with his son’s partner to hunt
down the killer who has fled to Russia. Their investigation puts them on a collision course with a black market operation to sell a nuclear device to international terrorists. With the help of a dedicated Moscow police captain, they weave their way through the deadly labyrinth of the Russian underworld as time is running out for all mankind.

Michael York • Alexander Nevsky • Richard Tyson • Robert Madrid • Andrew Divoff
Joanna Pacula • Adrian Paul

Directed by: Jeff Celentano    Written by: Alexander Nevsky, Robert Madrid

Check out our  Moscow Heat movie screencaps page!!

Tides of War/Phantom Below (2005)
.....Frank Habley
Adrian Paul ..plays Frank Habley, a veteran submarine commander facing court-martial for an engagement with an enemy sub that ends in personal tragedy. Habley's shot at vindication comes when he's asked to lead a covert mission to the same area, a mission quickly threatened by dissent within the crew.

The film also stars Mathew St. Patrick ("Six Feet Under"), Catherine Dent ("The Shield"), Matt Battaglia ("Universal Soldier II and III"), and extreme athlete Eitan Kramer.

The project has attracted an unusual amount of early attention,mostly because the Habley character is gay. (Habley's long-time partner dies in a fire that occurs as a result of the first battle.) Two versions of the film are being shot simultaneously. The version that depicts Habley's relationship with the other submariner will be aired on here! TV, the gay and lesbian premium cable network. A "straight" version will be made available for international distribution. Filmed on location in Hawaii.

Portions written by: Michael Tsai

Click here for the movie Trailer      Caution: adult situations, nudity.
Check out our  Tides of War movie screencaps page!!

E5 / No Way Up/Throttle (2004)
.....  Gavin Matheson

Adrian's part was filmed in Denver, Colorado at the Denver Tech Center.

 "E-5" is an unrelenting paranoid suspense movie about Tom (played by Grayson McCouch of "Armageddon" and "As The World Turns"), a corporate executive lured into an embezzling
scheme by an unscrupulous business partner, Gavin (played by Adrian Paul). Former Broncos cheerleaderMichelle Beisner, now with Maximum Talent, is his temptress.Gavin is Tom's
mentor a la Gordon Gekko, Wall Street.  As the story unfolds, the film heads underground to a parking garage where Tom finds himself hunted by a modern urban version of "Jaws"—
a predatory driver of a dark and foreboding truck.  

Multiple names and covers for this move!

Grayson McCouch • Adrian Paul • Amy Locane

Director: James Seale     Writers: Neil Elman, James Seale    Filmed in DEnver, Colorado

Check out our  Throttle movie screencaps page!!

adrian paul movies, adrian paul movie pictures, adrian paul pictures, adrian paul early movies

Little Chicago (2003)
.......Frank  Newcome

Set against a gritty backdrop of violence, action and drama Little Chicago is a sometimes humorous, sometimes heartbreaking tale that keeps you fully engaged as the characters struggle
to find their place in, or away from, the town known as "Little Chicago."

The cast of the film includes veterans such as Scott Miles (October Sky), Earl Poitier (Remember the Titans, Drumline), Chris Coppola (Simone and the upcoming Polar Express with Tom Hanks) and Adrian Paul, most well known as the Highlander from the TV series of the same name.

The film also showcases the talents of several new, rising stars, making their motion picture debut with this production.
Directed by Richard Clabaugh. Written by: Scott Miles

Check out our  Little Chicago movie screencaps page!!

SEANCE (2006)

LAUREN DIGGS thinks her dorm room is haunted by a little girl. Water turns on, lights flicker, things tumble about on their own. Lauren's roommates, MELINA and ALISON, are sure it's just Lauren's imagination. Alison's boyfriend, DIEGO, is sure, too. But Lauren knows they're wrong.

And so does GRANT ... he lives at the other end of the hall, and he's seen the little girl, too. He's even done some research ... and discovered that this old dorm was once an apartment building, and that the little girl that lived in Lauren's room was CARA, and that she fell down the elevator shaft 40 years ago. So during Thanksgiving break, with the dorm empty except for SYD, the security guard, the kids decide to hold a séance ... if this little
girl exists, Lauren wants to know why she's bothering them.

But what Lauren and the others don't understand is that their séance can't bring back a ghost that's already there. But what they did bring back was SPENCE, the building's one-time maintenance man and local serial killer, who killed Cara, and was executed 30 years ago. But none of them know Spence is there, because he and Cara are both only visible in the dark. In the light, the kids are blind.It's not until several of the friends have disappeared that the others realize they've trapped themselves in an empty dorm with an invisible killer.

So they must throw the dorm into total darkness, and discover a way to send Spence back to where he came from before he kills them all ...

Check out our  Seance movie screencaps page!!

Highlander: The Source (2007)
....Duncan MacLeod

Adrian Paul reprises his role of the Highlander, Duncan MacLeod. The search for the Source of the power begins by a band of Immortals including Methos and Duncan MacLeod.

Filmed in Vilnius, Lithuania.
First screening in Santa Monica , CA November 2006

Thekla Reuten ..Anna Teshemka *  Cristian Solimeno ..The Guardian *  Peter Wingfield ... Methos * Jim Byrnes ... Joe Dawson * Stephen Rahman Hughes ... Zai Jie *  Stephen Wight ... Reggie Weller *  Thom Fell ... Cardinal Giovanni

Check out our  Highlander: The Source movie  Screencaps page!!

adrian paul movies, adrian paul movie pictures, adrian paul pictures, adrian paul early movies
The Lost Colony (2007)
...Annanias Dare

aka...The Wraiths of Roanoke

In 1587, Sir Walter Raleigh recruited 117 men, women and children for a permanent settlement on Roanoke Island, on North Carolina's coast. John White was appointed governor of the new "Cittie of Raleigh." Among the colonists were White's pregnant daughter Eleanor Dare, his son-in-law Annanias Dare, and the Indian chief Manteo, who had become an ally during his stay in Britain.

The group journeyed from Britain to Roanoke Island and established the first English settlement in America. Within three years, however, they had vanished with scarcely a trace. England's initial attempt at colonization of the New World was a disaster, and one of America's most enduring legends was born.

Filming for The Lost Colony, a fictional account of this real-life story, started shooting on August 28th, 2006 in Bulgaria.  Filmed as a TV movie it was later released on video for International distribution.

Adrian Paul  * Frida Farrell * Rhett Giles * Michael Teh

Check out our  Lost Colony movie screencaps page!!

Captain Drake (2009)
...Sir Francis Drake
Filmed on location in the Black Sea in and around Sofia, Hungary

Captain Drake is a SciFI original movie.  David Flores is directing from a script by Rafael Jordan, who has written multiple Sci Fi movies. Jeffery(cq) Beach and Phillip J. Roth of UFO Films are producing.

"Captain Drake" (Adrian Paul) plays SirFrancis Drake, based on the real life English pirate/admiral/adventurer. In the movie he sets out on a quest to find  the legendary Tree of Life to save the life of his daughter (Sophia Pernas). Along the way, he battles the Spanish Armada, sea monsters, a mystical Persian sorceress and the legendary Norse God-creature the NidhoggCQ.

Wes  Ramsey (Charmed) will play Peter,  Drake's first mate and his daughters' love interest and Temuera Moirrison  (Star Wars) plays the Spanish pirate, Sandovate.

Check out our  Captan Drake movie screencaps page!! (Plus, on set pics!)

adrian paul movies, adrian paul movie pictures, adrian paul pictures, adrian paul early movies
In addition, Adrian is now producing new movies with his new company, Filmblips.
Check out the Adrian Paul Production Page......Click HERE!

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