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Eyeborgs (2009)
.....Robert J. 'Gunner' Reynolds

Eyeborgs , surveillance robots, go out of control and take over the country.  A Homeland Security agent, a TV reporter, and the President's punk rocker nephew join together to try and stop the Eyeborgs.

Also starring: Luke Eberl, Megan Blake, John S. Rushton and directed by Richard Clabaugh (who also directed "Little Chicago)  and filming in theWinston-Salem, North Carolina area.

(click here for official site)

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Nine Miles Down (2009)
...Thomas "Jack" Jackman
Exteriors filmed on location in Tunisia and interiors in Budapest, Hungary

In a remote region of the Sahara Desert, a sandstorm batters a deserted drilling station. Thomas ("Jack") Jackman, a security patrolman, battles his way to the station to find out why all contact has been lost. Originally built for gas exploration, and then abandoned, the site had recently been taken over by a multi-national research team intent on drilling deeper into the earth’s crust than ever before.
But Jack finds...not a living soul....or so he thinks.

Then..Jack encounters a breathtakingly beautiful woman jogging in from the desert. She is Jennie Christianson (“JC”), who claims to be the last remaining memberof the research team. As Jack's mental state crumbles in the confined space it begins to undermine his ability to think clearly. A romantic seducion turns into a relentless game of cat-and-mouse as Jack tries desperately to outwit the otherworldly
creature he believes he is facing, and for JC it becomes a life and death confrontation with the man she has fallen in love with.
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The Heavy (2010)
...Christian Mason

Perpetually down on his luck Boots Mason is asked by his estranged family to do the unthinkable to save the life of his much loved and publicly applauded brother and rising politician Christian Mason. Dying of a rare condition that requires an organ transplant that only his brother Boots can provide, Christian is desperate to get the cooperation of his one and only brother, despite the fact, he was a key figure in sending Boots to prison for seven years. Sibling rivalry turned into betrayal between these two brothers.

To repay a long-standing debt, Boots now works as a "heavy" for Anawalt, a successful, yet shady businessman with a hand in some very questionable dealings. Just as Boots is free of his debt, Anawalt offers him the chance to carry out a mysterious assassination against his own brother Christian. Faced with this heavy proposition Boots decides the best way to solve both the problem that comes with the pressure of being expected to give his brother the needed transplant and that of the ultimate revenge is to carry out the contract killing of his brother.

Check out our The Heavy movie screencaps page!!

We found that in addition to the actual filming of "The Heavy" that two (2) addition small films were made. We are assuming they were to be added to the DVD as Special Features. No other info, other than listed here is available.

2010  Lifting the Heavy: A Behind the Scenes Look (video documentary short)  20 minutes long

2010 Just One More Job: The Making of The Heavy (video documentary short)  15 minutes

Cold Fusion (2011)

A UFO is shot down over Russia in the 1970s and the wreckage taken to a secret research facility. When the Soviet Union collapses, the alien technology falls into the hands of a mysterious terrorist organisation, which uses it to create a devastating doomsday weapon. A team of secret agents is sent to stop the carnage.

Also starring: William Hope * Velizar Binev * Sarah Brown * Zahari Emilov * Michelle Lee

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adrian paul movies, adrian paul movie pictures, adrian paul pictures, adrian paul early movies

Cop-puter   (2012)
A Funny or Die Production
Online short clip aired Jan 2, 2012
1 min, 22 seconds

Director:  Alex Fernie   Writer: Alex Fernie

Jennifer Beals, Alex Fernie, Rene Gube

Check out our Cop-puter movie screencaps page!!

Description: In the far off future of 1986, an LAPD police officer has his brain waves copied onto computer floppy discs and is turned into the ultimate crime-fighting desktop:

COP-PUTER. Starring Jennifer Beals and Adrian Paul.

War of the Worlds : Goliath (2008)
.....Patrick (voice)

Animated, still in production. Adrian and many original Highlander cast members lend their voices to the characters.  Based on H.G. Wells original book, this sequel starts 14 years later in 1914.

A retro-futuristic epic of steam punk battle set in 1914. Its 15 years since the original HG Wells Martian invasion. Fearing another attack, the human race is prepared itself. This is the story of the battle tripod 'Goliath' and its young crew. 'Goliath' is the vanguard of an army steam powered battle walkers, heat-ray biplanes, and armored zeppelins facing a Martian fleet of giant fighting machines and flying wings. Within the cockpit of 'Goliath', courage under fire, conflicted loyalties and the struggle to save earth, in this new War of the Worlds.

We had unprecedented contact with the producers, Leon Tan and Director Joe Pearson. THANK YOU!!
David Abramowitz (writer:screenplay), Joe Pearson (writer: story)  Made in MAlaysia and Japan, the film has won several awards and beat out top box-office draw, "Kung Fu Panda:2" at the 3D Festival, Comic Con, San Diego, CA  July 2012

Check out the cool drawings at  Heavy Metal Magazine

Check out our WOTW: Goliath movie screencaps page!!

The Abominable Snowman (2013)
.......Mark Foster

...aka...Deadly Decent

Mark Foster is a helicopter pilot who drops off skiers on top of mountains for divine skiing. Sometimes, the skiers never come back. Something is haunting the mountains. A young man sets out to find out what happened to his father years before, and becomes adrift on the mountainside. His friends fly in to help rescue him.

Filmed in Bulgaria for SyFY Channel, this is a TV movie and has not been released to the public in a DVD format. Originally aired on SyFY Channel January 26, 2013.

Also starring: Chuck Campbell * Lauren O'Neil  * Nicholas Boulton * Rick McCabe

Check out our Abominable Snowman movie screencaps page!!

Beverly Lewis' The Confession (2013)
.....Dylan Bennett

Movie Edition of the Dramatic Sequel to The Shunning

Katie Lapp has been torn from her close-knit Plain family and community in the painful ordeal known as the shunning. But as she strikes out into the strange and sometimes dangerous "English" world, she is unaware that the man she loves is planning to return to his Amish family--and to her.

Now in a special edition set to coincide with the debut of the Hallmark Channel movie, this redemptive story of love and grace offers readers a unique glimpse into the lives of the Amish.

Katie Leclerc ... Bill Oberst Jr. ... Adrian Paul ... Sherry Stringfield ... Laura Mayfield Bennett
Director: Michael Landon Jr.  Writers: Brian Bird (teleplay), Michael Landon Jr. (teleplay),  Filmed in Winsaton-Salem, North Carolina.

Due to air May 11, 2013 on Hallmark Channel

Check out The Confession movie screencaps page!!

AE: Apocalypse Earth (2013)  
....Lt. Frank Baum

Released to DVD  May 28, 2013

Filmed in gorgeous Costa RIca, Adrian Paul plays Lt. Frank Baum  in this total Sci-Fi film. Refugees from Earth must find a way to survive on an alien and hostile jungle planet.

Director: Thunder Levin
Writer: Thunder Levin
Stars: Adrian Paul *  Richard Grieco *  Bali Rodriguez

Check out AE:Apocalypse Earth movie screencaps page!!
Black Rose (2014)

A Russian Police Major is enlisted by the LA Police Department to help solve a series of gruesome murders in the LA area. Purpetrated against young women by a sadistic, psychopathic killer on the mean streets of Hollywood. Alexander Nevsky, Christina Loken and Adrian Paul.

Miracle Underground  (2014)  (pre-production)
........the preaching miner

A film about Hope.....
Miracle Underground is a fictionalized account of the 33 Chilean miners' ordeal, told from a spiritual point of view, as each one of them individually came face-to-face with the real prospect of death after 17 days underground with no word from the outside world. The film explores the emotional, spiritual, and psychological experiences of the 33 men, and how they were able to survive both physically and mentally in a situation that no human beings have emerged from alive before. The film will show the desperation, as well as the discipline, of 33 Chilean miners who wanted to live, in part so they could help other miners demand safer working conditions. The story is presented in a chronological unfolding of events, from the descent to almost 700 meters below the surface, to the rescuing of all the miners by the custom-build Fenix 1 and Fenix 2 capsules. The story also shows the determination of the miners' wives to call the attention of the Chilean people, including President Sebastián Piñera and his cabinet, and the world in general, to the necessity of locating the miners and rescuing them alive. Written by Master Films Productions

Some of the proceeds from this production will be donated to a foundation that will be devoted to making life safer f
or all miners around the world.

Eric Roberts ... Chilean President,  Nia Peeples , Jsu Garcia , Isaac C. Singleton Jr.,  Dalia Hernández

Director: Armand Mastroianni  Writers: Dino Di Durante (story), Gianmario Pagano (screenplay)

We do not have a Screencaps page for obvious reasons.
Once the film has been released we will attempt to get pictures of the characters.

Deauville (2013) announced

Claire Forlani  * Lara Flynn Boyle  *  Claudia Cardinale  *  Isabella Rossellini  * Kiernan Shipka  *

In 1948, Deauville and Paris are witnesses to a romantic drama lived through the lives of a group of friends, mostly Americans, in a city that is looking forward, completely out of the Second World War. But the unexpected is around the corner.

But we heard the movie was about deauville beach resort

We do not have a Screencaps page for obvious reasons.
Once the film has been released we will attempt to get pictures of the characters.

Egill: The Last Pagan (2013) (post production)
....Arin Bjorn

An animated film about Egill, a young boy, a cruel boy who has lived with violence and hatred his entire life. There is no way to change this...until he found...WORDS.
Also starring:  Michael Madsen , Lili Bordán, Jeremy Haward-Grau

Director: Áron Gauder  Writers: Tamás Beregi, Mark Richards

Check out Egill:The Last Pagan movie pics page!!

In addition, Adrian is now producing new movies with his new company, Filmblips.
Check out the Adrian Paul Production Page......Click HERE!
adrian paul movies, adrian paul movie pictures, adrian paul pictures, adrian paul early movies
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