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Cover Girl Murders (1993)
Approximate Running Time: 87 Minutes

Six Gorgeous Bikini-clad models. A hot-shot fashion photographer. A lush, isolated tropical island. And a series of bizarre accidents guaranteed to make magazine publisher Rex Kingman's (Lee Majors) sexy anniversary issue a sell-out! The only one keeping her head amidst the mayhem is the magazine's art director (Jennifer O'Neill) who has seen this creepy scenario before . . . the greedy Kingman gleefully turning tragedy into profit. Misfortune sells! But the publisher may not be quite as clever as he thinks and his knock-out cover girls may be much more astute than they seem. Enjoy this crisscross whodunit where accusations abound and appearances a definitely deceptive.

Lee Majors • Jennifer O'Neill • Adrian Paul • Beverly Johnson • Vanessa Angel
Phantom 2040  (1996)
The episode called, "Sanctuary."  Season Two
......featuring the voice work of Adrian  as one of the animated characters named Gunner.

This is a French-american animated science fiction television series loosely based on the comic strip hero The Phantom, created by Lee Falk. The central character of the series is said to be the 24th Phantom. The unusual character designs are the work of Peter Chung, creator of Æon Flux.
The show debuted in 1994 to rave reviews, though it survived only 35 episodes before it was relegated to weekend repeats in 1996. Along with action sequences, stories focused on intelligent plotting and character development, winning the series praise for its subtle teaching of such values as individuality, freedom, and the volatility of humanity. It also spawned comic books tie-ins and other merchandise.
Featured voice actors included Scott Valentine, Margot Kidder, Ron Perlman, and Jeff Bennett, while Mark Hamill, Debbie Harry, Rob Paulsen, and Paul Williams had recurring roles.
(write-up ccompliments IMDB)

Check out our Phantom 2040 screencaps page & watch the actual video!!

Dead Men Can't Dance
Adrian Paul and Michael Bien

Dead Men Can't Dance (1997)
 .... Shooter


To stamp out the threat of nuclear war a special ops team must travel to North Korea to carry out a covert mission to destroy a nuclear power plant. Everything does not go
as planned. Their communications are cut off and they must remember their survival training to get them through.

Filmed in the Phillipines   Also starring: Micheal Biehn * Kathleene York * Adrian Paul

Highlander: The Series was a continuation of the original movie series starring Christopher Lambert and Sean Connery. The series aired from 1992 to 1998, six (6) season with 119 episodes.

The movies and series spawned Comic Books, Conventions, Novels and more.
To enter our Highlander World you will find Episode Guides for all seasons, including all stars and stories. You will also find a complete Immortal List, a complete Convention List, Music Page, Cast Bios, all Movies and Books too.

Continue on here with our Filmography pages to find the two Highlander films that Adrian Paul starred in, "Highlander: Endgame" and "Highlander: The Source" for Screencaps and pics.

Click HERE to Enter Highlander World.

adrian paul movies, adrian paul movie pictures, adrian paul pictures, adrian paul early movies
Susan's Plan (1998)
.... Paul Holland

... aka Dying to Get Rich (2000) (USA: video title)

Susan (Nastassja Kinski) wants her reprehensible ex-husband (Adrian Paul) dead and, in several bungled attempts by henchmen, tries to accomplish the deed. First her boy friend (Billy Zane)
hires two dim-witted hitmen (Michael Biehn, Rob Schneider).

Then she hires a former biker boy friend (Dan Aykroyd) to smother him in the hospital where he is recuperating from the first attempt. Then Zane's former wife (Lisa Edelstein) figures out
what is going on and wants a part of the action. Lara Flynn Boyle also appears as a hairdresser friend who gets mixed up in the plot.

adrian paul movies, adrian paul movie pictures, adrian paul pictures, adrian paul early movies

Convergence (1999)
.... Brady Traub

... aka Premonition (2000) (USA: video title)

A young journalist (Ally Cane) is assigned to work with a more experienced writer (Christopher Llloyd) on a scandal paper. On an assignment to write about a mental
hospital patient who supposedly can predict people's deaths, the younger reporter suddenly experiences a recurrence of lost feelings she had from a near-death
experience years previous in an air crash.

Cynthia Preston * Christopher Lloyd * Adrian Paul *

Highlander: Endgame (2000)
.... Duncan MacLeod

To combat the fearsome Highlander villain Kell, and his ruthless band of Immortals, Connor MacLeod and Duncan MacLeod join together in a power play for the ages!

But, even though it will take the combined strength of two Immortals to win this fight, in the end there can be only one.

Starring:Christopher Lambert (Connor MacLeod/Russell Nash) * Adrian Paul (Duncan MacLeod) * Mario Van Peebles (Kane) * Deborah Unger (Alex Johnson/Sarah)
Mako (Nakano)  * Gabriel Kakon (John).  *
Director: Andrew Morahan.
Adrian Paul stars in Highlander: Endgame


adrian paul movies, adrian paul movie pictures, adrian paul pictures, adrian paul early movies

Merlin: The Return (2000)
.... Lancelot

Good and evil battle once again.  The dark forces of Mordred are pitted against the mythical sorcery of Merlin. Mordred and his mother Morgana have been imprisoned in another world for the past 1500 years while Merlin's magical powers kept them at bay.

Present day...a scientist accidentally discovers a gateway to the past world and is about to release Mordred into 20th Century life. Arthur is reawakened from his slumber and together with Merlin, tries to find a way to stop Mordred from re-entering this world and bringing evil with her.

Adrian was the Sword Master in this film.

Rik Mayall * Tia Carrera * Patrick Bergin * Adrian Paul * Craig Shaeffer

The Breed  (2001)
.....Aaron Gray

Directed by:Michael Oblowitz
Writing credits (WGA)
Christos N. Gage (written by) &
Ruth Fletcher (written by

FBI agent Steven Grant (Bokeem Woodbine) is given the very delicate assignment of tracking down a vampire who threatens to expose a secret government operative which would integrate vampires into normal society. His partner Aaron Grey (Adrian Paul), a "good" vampire, aids Grant in his search, which leads to the lair of Lucy (Bai Ling), a vampiress. The usually distrustful Grant is taken in by Lucy's charms, and he begins to wonder which side he's working for. This sexy thriller offers unique twists on the classic vampire and buddy cop genres.

Adrian Paul .... Aaron Gray
Bokeem Woodbine .... Steve Grant
Bai Ling  .... Lucy Westenra

Adrian was inerviewed in 1990) and quoted as saying:" I would love to play a vampire because they are so sexual.
And they are the dark side of human thought. What a possibility to play someone that can see what your heart is doing, feel the blood running through your
veins, know what you are thinking, and have all the experience of years and years. It would be so interesting."

The Void (2001)
.....Stephen Price

Eva Soderstrom (Amanda Tapping, Stargate SG-1) and Professor Stephen Price (Adrian Paul) must try to stop Filadyne Corporation, under the leadership of Dr. Abernathy (Malcolm McDowell)  
from fully developing a super collider that's already killed Eva's father.  When used correctly, the super collider may potentially solve the world's energy crisis--but when it is accidentally activated, it creates a potential worldwide disaster in the form of a constantly expanding black hole. If Eva and Stephen do not succeed in stopping the hole within 24 hours, the earth may
cease to exist!  While they search for the answers, their own relationship is threatened.

Adrian Paul .... Prof. Steven Price  * Amanda Tapping .... Prof. Eva Soderstrom * Malcolm McDowell .... Dr. Thomas Abernathy  * Desiree Zurowski .... Grace Carlton Watson

Directed by: Gilbert M. Shilton,  Writing credits (WGA)  , Geri Cudia Barger (written by) and Gilbert M. Shilton (written by)

Relic Hunter (2001)
"Vampire’s Kiss"
...Lucas Blackmer
ORIGINAL AIR DATE: 29 October 2001

Sydney Fox • Tia Carrere
Nigel Bailey • Christien Anholt
Claudia • Lindy Booth

EPISODE 51 (Season 3, Episode 7)

SYNOPSIS: Syd finds a vampire his lost chalice; but does she resist his potent seduction?

In addition, Adrian is now producing new movies with his new company, Filmblips.
Check out the Adrian Paul Production Page......Click HERE!

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