A personal and Special "Purr-fect Pet" can be painted from a picture supplied
by you. All pictures will be returned, if requested.

It should be a face frontal pose, with enough of the body showing
so  I can approximate the coloring and detail.

More than one animal can be on the same stone. (example: If you have 2 cats, they can
both be together).

Pricing will vary depending on your specifications.

~Order Processing/Payment Information~
Once an order is received I will paint your "Purr-fect Pet" and then E-mail you
a picture for your acceptance.

A Return Acceptance E-mail from you constitutes a contract!!
You will be sent a PayPal Invoice for your "Purr-fect pet."
(you do NOT have to be a PayPal member to send monies)

Your "Purr-fect Pet" will be shipped once monies are received and
checks/money orders/PayPal payment clear the bank.

If you are in the Albuquerque area, arrangements can be made for pick-up.
Your "Purr-fect Pet" will be mailed via US Postal Service.

To order a "Purr-fect Pet" please send me an e-mail.
Sadly, every time i insert a new form, there's always those
trying to sell sex, drugs, etc and they send 20+ of the forms to my
e-mail trying to promote their products.
I'm an adult, If I want those products, I'll find them.

My apologies to my actual customers.

Click on either of the pics below to send an e-mail.

Be sure and tell me the type of
"Purr-fect Pet"  
you wish to order, color, breed, etc., and the
Order #of a similar pet (if applicable)!!

Or you may E-mail me  to request more information.

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June Nelson

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