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         Adrian Paul is............

Welcome to "TRACKER"

A romantic action comedy with an extraterrestrial twist that follows Cole (Adrian Paul) as he brings otherworldly convicts
o justice. Being new to Earth, Cole is the ultimate fish-out-of-water, and must rely heavily on Mel (Amy Price-Francis),
and her London-born, sexy  barmaid, Jess (Leanne Wilson), who explains to him the complex details of life on this planet.

Before our series begins, a brilliant scientist named Zin (Geraint Wyn Davies) engineers the jailbreak from SAR-TOP prison,
located a hundred light years away from Earth. Zin creates a wormhole, which allows almost spontaneous travel from the
Migar solar system to ours. The wormhole ends in Chicago, where Zin and the escapees have taken over the bodies of
human beings and blended into society, but still retain some of their alien otherworldly abilities. So, Cole must find the
fugitives and stop them before they can carry out their plans. To do so, he will need both Mel and Jess's help and
constant guidance.

 "TRACKER" combines science fiction action with wonderfully fresh visuals and socially relevant themes. Each episode,
the show will mine the fish out-of-water humor, which will occupy space with wit and irony. It will examine the bizarre
but highly entertaining relationship between Cole and Mel, as well the slowly growing romantic possibilities between
the two. All in all, "TRACKER" will present a delightful peek into the human conditionas it comes smack up against
an alien one.

Be sure and read the synopsis and check out the cast and character page for lots  of interesting info. Sadly, the only
way to find Tracker is either buying the video/DVD "Alien Tracker" which is a strange mish-mash of all the episodes
and makes no sense....or else, find someone who has copies of the series as it aired who is willing to make extras.                         
Peace..... Riley

For some
screen caps
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And for a Slo-mo version
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dance on the
Watchfire Bar in the
episode "Trust" head
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Several of the promo posters


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Several of the Angels traveled to Los Angeles to see
Adrian on stage in a play
called "Things Just Change." In the audience were
Richard Yearwood (Nextov) and Geraint Wyn Davies (Zin)
who both had something to say about their friend Adrian.
Read about the play here:

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