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The Kiss......we waited for it. It happened and was fantastic!
Thanks to Dan & Karen Houlton, we can share it with you. Enjoy.

Adrian Paul
The name he has taken here is COLE, since his given name doesn't translate to our language. That's understandable, since he is from a planet called Cirron 17, in the Migar Solar System, some hundred light years away.

Cole left his planet to track down over 200 hundred escaped prisoners…most specifically, RHEE, a hedonistic killer responsible for the slaying of Cole's beloved mate and their offspring. Immediately upon his arrival on this planet, Cole morphed into a human form...a form he saw on a billboard on the side of the highway.
Being from another planet has its advantages on Earth. Despite having a human body, Cole still has extraordinary abilities, and they go far beyond those of your average, or even above average, human. Being a stranger in a strange land has its drawbacks for Cole, however. Not only does Cole have physical challenges awaiting him, but he additionally has to deal with the fact that he is living on a planet that he knows virtually nothing about.

Every small facet of life that we take for granted is something he has to process and attempt to understand, and then act upon. Each and every experience is new for him, and this will test his intelligence, his sense of logic and occasionally, his patience.
(see the Adrian Paul Bio/Filmography page  for more info)
Amy Price-Francis
(Mel Porter)
MEL's looks are killer. She can't help it. It's part of her, and she's had to deal with it. Sometimes she rails against it, sometimes she's proud of it.

Her looks have gotten her into trouble, gotten her out of trouble, and gotten her into relationships with guys that she shouldn't have been in relationships with.
But, Mel has turned a corner in her life. She has stopped trying to save men. Now she just wants to save herself. She doesn't want or need any more complications; her life up to now has been nothing but a series of complications. Mel spends the majority of her time at the downtown bar she inherited from her Grandmother: "The Watchfire" - an establishment that's been around for over a hundred years. Because of its proximity to the criminal courts building, it used to be predominantly frequented by lawyers, law clerks, cops, and even a few judges. Since Mel inherited the place, she's tried to convert it to a much hipper, livelier spot that will attract a younger, sexier crowd, but sometimes it seems like it will always be just a "cop bar."

Amy Price-Francis: There is no doubt that this graduate of the National Theater School of Canada is going places. At the National Theater School of Canada, Amy performed on stage in a wide range of productions over the course of her tenure. They included Twelfth Night (Viola), Burn This (Anna), A Winters Tale (Hermione), California Boyz (Rain), and Transit of Venus (Celeste). After graduation, she began performing across the country, appearing in the Vancouver Playhouse/NAC co-production of The Coronation  Voyage (Marguerite), the Montreal Young Company's productions After the Dance (Miss Potter) and Undiscovered Country (Genia), and the Pleides Theatre productions The Game of Love and Chance (Silvia) and The Triumph of Love (Phocion).
Shortly after graduating from the NTS, Amy landed her first television series leading role as Amy in Little Men, and since then has appeared in Soul Food, The Associates, Twice in a Lifetime, and The Mystery Files of Shelby Woo.

During  principal photography on TRACKER, Amy was full of praise for the series: "The script is great, witty, funny, yet still very human. The character I get to play is very contemporary, grounded, down to earth, but faces a lot of challenges. Really what turns me on most is the writing. It's so good. It makes it so much easier as an actor if it's all there. I just do my thing."
Leanne Wilson
(Jess Brown)
When Mel inherited the bar, she didn't realize that it came complete with a young and sexually-charged British bartender by the name of Jess. She can be
found nightly, slinging drinks, serving up "belly shots" and flaunting a pair of Frankie B python hip-huggers.

She comes to Chicago by way of London's West End, and she's brought with her a rich love of life, an "I'll try anything once" attitude and a predatory eye for unsuspecting males.

Leanne Wilson: British-born Leanne comes from a rich theatre background, and her resume for television is equally impressive. She was a series regular playing Candy Williams on the BBC program Doctors, and had stints on other popular British television series such as Risk (on Risk TV), Harry & Cosh (Two Hats Film & TV) and Renford Rejects (Nickelodeon).

Her many aforementioned theatre credits include Peter Pan (Wendy), The King & I (Eliza), Bugsy Malone (Blousey), Why Aren't We All Dancing? (Iris), Bugsy Malone (Lena), Carrots (Nobby), Blast Off and Oliver.
Geraint Wyn Davies
Zin is the ultimate villain: intelligent, manipulative, clever and ruthless. He is Cole's nemesis and the person responsible for the wormhole. Zin's men, however, the 218 fugitives on Train 805, owe their allegiance to him - he's the one
who got them out. They represent every kind of deviant behavior known to the Migar solar system. Acting as their 'Godfather', Zin develops them into a highly organized machine that infiltrates every strata of society. Only a select few know Zin's master plan on Earth. The rest act as foot soldiers, carrying out his orders.

Zin is from the planet Varda, which makes him a very dangerous foe. Vardians are known for their brilliance, and their cold heartedness. The upper crust of their race, which Zin is a part of, have developed the use of 90% of their brain, which not only makes them incredibly bright, but also allows them to utilize "hidden" skills unique to their race. Zin was a scientist specializing in deep space exploration. His primary interest, though, was less in exploration and more in exploitation of the resources and enslavement of the populace of the new civilizations he conquered. When the Migar Alliance became appalled by his goals, they became foes and Zin decided to try to bring them to their knees…

Geraint Wyn Davies was born in Swansea, Wales on April 20, 1957 to a Welsh congregational preacher and a school teacher. At the age of seven, he and his family moved to Canada. He graduated from Upper Canada College, after which he entered the University of Western Ontario where for three months he studied business and economics before pursuing an acting career that has now
continued, uninterrupted for more than 25 years. The acting career has since branched out into directing, writing and producing with Geraint forming his own production company, "Roundtable Films". Geraint's wonderful voice can be enjoyed on two audio books, Great American Suspense : Five Unabridged Classics and "Great Classic Hauntings : Six Unabridged Stories. Geraint made his film debut in "Deadly Harvest" in 1977 and has since appeared in many other films.
Though probably best known and remembered for his role as Nick Knight in "Forever Knight", Geraint has been very busy on the television front. He was a regular in the final season of "Airwolf" with Barry Van Dyke and  Michele Scarabelli. He was a regular in the cast of "To Serve and Protect,"  "The Judge" and a semi-regular in "Dracula: The Series". "Forever Knight" lasted three seasons which Geraint then followed with another three season on the critically acclaimed series, Black Harbour.  He has guest starred in an episode of "Highlander"(Turnabout).
(Go to for more in depth info)
Richard Yearwood
NESTOV is a young Enixian con man with a penchant for Earthly delights, especially women of all shapes and sizes. Nestov is in the body of a small time crook named Darius Foley. Foley was a penniless loser with bad hair and worse taste in clothes. That's unfortunate, and somewhat disgusting, for Nestov, who relishes the good things in life. So, Nestov sets about carrying out con jobs on his adopted planet, bilking helpless Earthlings out of anything and everything he can. When Nestov comes to Cole for help, the two form a strange and comedic alliance. Cole decides to spare Nestov, leaving his life force intact for the time being, as long as Nestov agrees to be Cole's eyes and ears on the street to help him track down the other fugitives.

No autobiography was found for Richard Yearwood, but you can go to: for a listing of his acting roles.
Dean McDermott
(Det. Vic Bruno)

DETECTIVE VICTOR BRUNO's in his early thirties, single, and a third generation Chicago cop. He used to date Mel and won her over with his grandmother's secret deep dish pizza recipe. Unfortunately it was his obsessive dedication to the job that split them apart. Vic is Mel's go-to guy, always willing to help out without asking a lot of questions. But there's one question he can't help but ask her whenever they see each other - the nature of her relationship with Cole. Although Mel insists Cole's just a boarder, Vic's suspicious nature drives him to
probe further on his own. And you can bet one day he's going to stumble onto Cole's secret. That's the day he'll have to make a difficult choice…does he stay silent and try to help…or expose what's been going on.

Relentless when it comes to solving a puzzle, Vic has already started putting together his own conspiracy theory, having been the on-scene investigator in several strange cases that occurred after the 805 train arrived in Chicago. Little does he know, uncovering the truth will affect his life more than he can imagine.

Dean McDermott-The Canadian native got his start in show business when, around age 19, he decided to stop procrastinating and went and got himself an agent. A variety of commercials and guest appearances in various TV shows and movies ensued, and soon he found his way onto one of Canada's most popular TV series, "Due South." It has been his performance in "Due South" as
Constable Renfield the by-the-book Constable Fraser look positively at ease, that has endeared him to a growing number of television viewers.
(Things you were sure you didn't need to know!)

Produced by:

Brian Eastman....executive producer UK
Gil Grant........executive producer
Peter M. producer
Adrian Paul......executive producer
Grant producer
Sherri Saito.....producer
Elaine Scott.....producer
Cal Shumiatcher..producer

Original Music:
Donald Quan (theme and original)

Milan Podsedly

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