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Highlander Dream

I dreamt I was falling
So scared was I
I screamed and cried
As I came out of the sky

I landed on heather
There was silence around
Then I heard footsteps
A tentative noise

"Are you hurting,my lady?"
Said a warm Scottish voice
I looked round to see
A vision to behold

Tall and muscular
Hmm not too old
Long dark hair
"Here, let me help"

I rose thru the air
As he lifted me
Concern on his face
I answered "not really"

"I'm sure I'm all right"
"Good", he answered smiling
"Sweetheart, goodnite"!
(copyright Sandra Broome 2001)

The Meeting

My heart is beating way too fast
My mouth is really dry
I cannot breathe; my legs are weak,
I think I'm going to cry!

The queue moves on, we're closer now,
it's almost time for us to meet
My God, I'm standing in front of you,
you look good enough to eat!

I tell myself to speak, say something you fool!
You look up; I look into your eyes.
You sign your name, say a few words,
I have not heard a word, I realize!

My eyes are open so wide, I'm acting so inane
I'm shaking so much, I really must look insane!
I manage to say,"Thanks so much for Highlander,
I enjoyed each and every scene".

You smile and say,"you're welcome, glad you liked it".
I'm sure I am in a dream!
It's time to move on now, I will my legs to move!
Thanks to you, Adrian Paul, you really made my day!

(copyright Sandra Broome 1999)
(Elaine wrote this waiting on Endgame to be released........)

Adrian, oh Adrian
we 'lovingly' call you "TAO"
Seems like we have been waiting 'forever'
for this movie---this show!

The 'soul-deep' evil
that mankind tries to hide,
can be conquered by 'one'
with the other by his side!

Connor and Duncan--though not brothers--
MacLeods they both be.
Shall stand against this evil--
now and for an eternity.

With swords in hand,
their strength and skill put to the test.
Who will lost their head?
Who will be the best?

The two together,
united as one
will meet the challenge,
the fight has just begun.

The Highlanders secrets
are all found with the past.
Face them they must--for the present, for the future,
for "redemption" at last!

From this past comes a woman,
who once held Duncan's  heart.
The watchers, Joe and Methos,
each play a part.

"In the end there can be only one"
Is the rule of the game.
But the 'spoilers' all tell us, "the rules have changed!"
We wait and we wonder--have they changed?  Are they the same?

The two joined as one,
like day and night will always stay.
This gives us hope for the future--
For a better day!

About this movie--
I know deep in my heart,
For you Adrian Paul,
it is just a GREAT start!

Highlander-Endgame will undoubtedly
show the world what you are,
But to all of us 'adoring women', we have always known
you are our BRIGHT SHINING STAR!  

August 2000
(copyright Elaine Lee Walch)

This was the winner in our September 2007 Poetry Contest

He dances on the edge of a sword
His life half chance, half fate
In the dark of night he may ride, or beneath the blistering sun
To save a friend's soul, or a beautiful woman in distress

He is Duncan, the last of a dying breed
An immortal with a code of honor
He can romance the most cynical of hearts
An immortal with an open heart

In the dark of night he may ride, or beneath the blistering sun
To save a friend's soul, or a beautiful woman in distress

Against the wrongs, against the lightning of the sky
He takes their power
He takes their will
He takes their souls

He is Duncan Macleod of the clan Macleod
The last of a dying breed
Through the dark of night he may ride, or beneath the blistering sun
To save a friend's soul, or any soul in distress

~Amy Leigh McKorkle~

Seductive.... Twinkling mischievous eyes resting upon your soul
undressing you to nakedness, like Eve before the forbidden.......

Tall, lithe perfectly sculpted form
Olive toned, gently kissed by honey welcoming you inside
to warmth....... to press against
Muscles chiseled tossing you forward and back
folding you molding you into waves of fever to pitch

What's happening ? Who is it?
His true Angels need not ask...............whisper..........Adrian......


A New Life
  Poem version

    Death came in the crash,
  Smoke and fiery flames
   Taking the life of one so young.
  Her new life began with a gasp-
  Sweet air filling her lungs,
   Strength flowing again through
   Her veins as she fought the pain.

   What happened? She asked even as
  She was told her old life was over,
   And a new one begun.
   I died?  But I don't understand!
  How could I die, and yet live?

  Her mentor, her new teacher,
 Explained:  You have a new
   Life, another chance.
   Don't blow it.
   And, oh yes.take this sword.
   Make it a part of you.  It may
   Be the only friend you have.

   A sword?  Why?
  Holy Ground?
  Beheading.death.and eternal
   Life if you're lucky and talented enough.
  How old are you anyway?
  She asked her teacher.
   Four hundred, give or take a few years,
   He replied, weariness filling his soul.
   A long life filled with pain,
  Death, love, joy-
   Loving and losing,
   Killing and surviving,
  Surviving the Game.
  Will we ever have to meet in combat?
  She asked him, her heart heavy with the possibilities.
  Maybe, he answered softly.
   Even as he mourned the loss
   Of other students he'd had over the centuries,
  One in particular.

   You have a new life.  Make the most of it-
  You never know when you may lose it.
  Because, as they say.There Can be Only One.

(Copyright   Paris 2003)

Because of Him

I carry on
Because of him
I changed direction

Because of him
I made new friends
Because of him

My life is better
Because of him
I try to be fair

Because of him
I try not to hate

Because of him
Try not to blame

Because of him
Try to forgive

Because of him
I do my best

Because of him
Did things I "couldn't"

Because of him
When I'm down

Because of him
I try to smile more

Because of him
My heart is open

Because of him
I can truly love

Because of him

(copyright Sandra Broome 2001)

 The first born of three boys.
 (As we've been told), a rambuncious child.*
 Who grew into quite, the man.
 Learning from each experience in his life.
 While enlightening his soul,
 and filling his heart, with Love.
 A non-violent man,
 who continues to follow his dreams
 Liviing a life of conviction,
 in whispers of peace.
 D. R. 6-19-07


Admired for years
We are fans, who are loyal.

He's allowed us,
To share a part of his life.
Yet because of negative energy,
Thrust upon him,
He became guarded,
From, echoes of hurt.
Determined, not to
Let it consume him.

Surrounding himself, with positive energies.
Allowing his wounds, to heal.
Deciding to trust,
And realize, their loyalty and admiration,
Will always see him through,
The negativity, in echoes of hurt.


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