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(thanks to Victoria and the Hunlander group)
~Esti Frizb Hungarian TV Interview~
February 2009
For those who will never be able to see the video...slow connection or not (LOL) I screencapped as much as I could of the 22 minute
episode. Linda A and I forced ourselves to watch this repeatedly (such hard work!!!) to try and catch what was said in English.
Nothing is literal...just what we interpreted. Here is what we came up with.......

First, Adrian gets out of a huge Hummer Limo and struts into the studio in black leather coat and tight ...really tight..jeans. He's stopped by a large man who dares to put hands on him. Of course, if he was Duncan MacLeod, we know what would happen. Yet, as
himself..he does the same things. All staged of course. :>) Four guys attempt to stop him, all end up on the floor. Then a sword
magically appears by Adrian and he swishes it around a bit and then heads to the stage where he is welcomed by the host. He hands the sword to him saying, "Keychain."

He begins to talk about his recent martial arts work, the Shaolin training he's doing. He then talks about his work before Highlander
and how he became famous because of Highlander. He talks of his friendship w/Christopher they both have a childlike qualities. They travel in different circles. He talks about his friends around the world, in different countries. He speaks of his parents and how he grew up, how he speaks 4 languages and he gets a grin when he talks of his Hungarian abilities. He says he "can point to a lot of things" to make himself understood. LOL Budino gets a mention too!

Then Alexandra is introduced. Adrian greets her with "Hello Darling" and a kiss. Alex takes over a lot of the interview now, speaking
mostly in Hungarian. Adrian does talk of how he and Alex met when he judged the beauty pageant. Their first date was at a Chinese
restaurant and he does say he remembered their 1st trip better than he did the 1st date. Alex speaks of all their travel around the
world. Then the host asks about Budino again. They tell him he has a bad knee at the moment and has the collar at the moment on his head to keep him from bothering the knee.The talk turns to more travel, Adrian mentions his "suitcase" but not sure what the host had asked. :>( Adrian says "I feel at home with the people I am sweetheart." and reaches over to pat Alex's arm. "A house doesn't matter, it's the people I'm with."

The host asks about marriage and children. Alex answers in Hungarian, so not sure what she does say. I'm guessing the next question was > about children because Adrian holds out his hands to about shoulder width saying "You never plan a child. We already have a dog, that's a > child as it is." They go on to speak about the Peace Fund. They talk about renovating apartments and how Adrian enjoys working with Alex. The talk turns to questions about Adrian and bodyguards and his answer surprised me! He says that with bodyguards, people notice you, which gets you attention in the film industry.

Then a singer takes the stage and sings a song about the "Highlander." ....."I'm a Highlander and MacLeod is my name,
Alexandra is mine, with or without fame." He then talks about the stalker he had many years ago, and they speak of fans and "fanatics."  He tells of getting pictures of half-naked women with phone numbers.The interview ends with Adrian talking about the material he looks for to make new movies, projects. The host thanks them, and Adrian reaches over to take Alex's hand

New TV Interview with Adrian Paul
<<CLICK HERE to watch the video!!

Once again, thanks to the Hunlander group for sharing the videos above, and
to our beloved Victoria for all of her hard work putting them online.

We all hope you enjoy!

Peace.....Adrian's Angels

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adrian paul television,  adrian paul interviews,  adrian paul commercials, adrian
Sadly, over the years many of the interviews have disappeared. We've attempted to give you a fairly detailed list and if we are missing anything..or a link does not work...
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Thank you!!

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highlander books, highlander movies, highlander tv, highlander episode guides, adrian paul tracker, adriain paul, adrians angles, adrian paul biography, adrian paul filmography