Highlander Animated Series
Highlander: The Game 2008 A.D.

Highlander: The Animated Series is an animated television series, which premiered on September 18, 1994 and is loosely based on the 1988 Highlander spinoff of the cult classic 1986 film of the same name. Last aired January 8, 1996.
The story unfolds on post-apocalyptic earth, 700 years after a meteorite collision nearly wiped out all human civilization. Out of the ashes, the Immortals united and swore an oath to abandon the Game and preserve the knowledge that humanity had lost. But one immortal, Kortan, did not swear the oath - he still sought the prize and his empire grew until he controlled most of the planet from his fortress Mogonda.

Connor MacLeod challenged Kortan and was defeated (as any immortal who broke the oath was destined to die). With Connor's death came the prophecy of the rise of a new immortal, he would defeat Kortan. Ramírez, now a Jettator, has since waited seven hundred years for the unavowed immortal.

Quentin MacLeod leads the resistance against Kortan, with Ramírez as his mentor he seeks the Jettators (those who took the oath) to gain their Quickening and their knowledge - not by beheading but by a sharing as MacLeod and Jettator grasp the same sword simultaneously (although it is sometimes called a quickening, and the effects are sometimes just as destructive to the surrounding area).

With the wisdom of Ramírez and the Quickenings of the Jettators he may be able to destroy Kortan. Some episodes involved Jettators making use of a loophole in their oath to challenge Kortan regardless, such as Matsuda, who built a cyborg to fight Kortan in his stead, or Cornell, who changed his name to Orion to be able to fight Kortan.

Despite being redesigned to attract a younger audience, the show was surprisingly mature/violent; it wasn't uncommon for minor characters to die, and while Quentin had found a way to take another Immortal's power and knowledge without also taking their life, Kortan still did it the old way, by beheading them.

1st Season (1994)
01 - A Taste Of Betrayal
02 - Melvyn The Magnificent
03 - The Last Of The MacLeods
04 - The Last Weapon
05 - The Suspended Village
06 - Exodus
07 - The History Lesson
08 - The Cursed
09 - The Valley Of The Thorn Pods
10 - Fallout
11 - The Courage Of Love
12 - The Setup
13 - The Sound Of Madness

2nd Season (1995)
01 - The Price Of Freedom
02 - The Secret Prison
03 - Dead Ringer
04 - Orion's Reign
05 - Rage Of The Hurricane
06 - The Blood Of My Enemy
07 - The Sword Of Evil
08 - Lord For A Day
09 - The Eye Of Heaven
10 - Oblivion
11 - The Siege Of The Dundees
12 - The Treasure In The Sand
13 - Orane
14 - Ice Dwellers
15 - The Revenge Of The Shantytown
16 - Trick Of The Light
17 - The Double
18 - Playing With Fire
19 - Cult Of The Immortal
20 - The Survivors From Outer Space
21 - Countdown  
22 - Tricks Of The Mind
23 - Matsuda
24 - Valka
25 - King Of The Ants
26 - Isle Of Grans
27 - Eagle Valley
Miklos Perlus .... Quentin MacLeod (voice)
Lawrence Bayne .... Kortan (voice)


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