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First game.....think back to 1986 when Atari (remember Pong?) was hot.  
This 1st game didn't fare too well.

Highlander was a video game tie-in to the Highlander franchise. It was released in 1986 by Ocean Software. It was not popular in magazine reviews. Sinclair User gave it two stars of five and called it "a golden turkey". Crash gave it an overall score of 57% and called it "totally boring and quite unplayable".  ZZap64 gave it an overall score of 30% and wrote "This is a real case of a film tie-in rip-off".    Ooops!


    Highlander: The Last of the Macleods is a video game developed by Lore Design Limited and published by Atari for the Atari Jaguar CD-ROM home console system in 1995[1]. The video game is based on Highlander: The Animated Series and was given the now defunct "Kids To Adults" (6+) rating by the Entertainment Software Ratings Board. Created in 1994 for Atari Jaguar.

    You control Quentin MacLeod, the young immortal on a quest to defeat the evil Kortan who has murdered your mother and kidnapped the people of your village. The game play is similar to that of Alone in the Dark or Resident Evil in that you move MacLeod through a world of pre-rendered 3D environments (viewed from many fixed camera angles) as you battle monsters, collect items and solve puzzles. The game features clips from the Highlander animated series to move the storyline along.

    Upon meeting Gavin McLeod halfway through the second level in the Jaguar CD version of the game, there is what some consider a subliminal message in a frame of the cut-scene that is shown, displaying a half-nude Scottish woman. This has been corroborated with AtariHQ, Jaguar Sector II users, and others in the community but no explanation for such has ever been provided.  Oooops!


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Spin-off: A videogame based on the series called "Highlander: The Last of the MacLeods" was released for the Atari Jaguar, although it went virtually unknown.

Highlander: The Game will be a third-person action game featuring a previously unknown Immortal, Owen MacLeod as the main character.

An Immortal cannot die from wounds that would be fatal to a mortal such as gunshots, electrocution, and falls from a great height. As such, certain encounters will involve
Owen using his body as a conductor for high-voltage electrical currents and/or jumping
off of buildings. Though these actions cannot kill him, he may still be severely injured.
Over and above his ability to withstand otherwise lethal attacks, Owen will be able to use certain magical abilities such as resurrection, chi balance, fireblade, wind fury and stone
armor, to name a few. Like any other Immortal in the Highlander franchise, Owen must wield various types of swords to do battle with other Immortals. Owen can also choose between different combat styles to defeat his enemies.

The game will span up to 18 missions in which Owen will encounter up to 77 unique
characters. Most of these characters will be Immortals just like Owen and must be slain.
Some of these characters will be previously known - Connor MacLeod and Duncan
MacLeod are both expected to make appearances and Methos has been confirmed as
Owen's mentor.

The story, written by David Abramowitz who was Creative Consultant (Head Writer) on Highlander: The Series,[1] revolves around Owen MacLeod, ancestor to both Connor MacLeod and Duncan MacLeod. It begins over two thousand years ago. And similar to other Highlander films and media, the story spans several timelines including Ancient Gaul, Pompeii, and finally modern-day New York City.

Owen is captured and enslaved by Romans who force him to compete as a gladiator. During this time, Owen dies only to come back to life. Methos, the oldest living Immortal, approaches Owen to be his mentor. He teaches Owen about The Game and how he and other immortals can only be slain by beheading.

As with other Immortal MacLeods, Owen is pursued throughout his life by an arch-nemesis. This enemy proves to be extremely powerful, one that Owen is unable to defeat. Owen learns of a magical stone, fragments of which are scattered all over the world. Throughout the game, Owen embarks upon a quest to recover these fragments and restore the stone in an attempt to gain the power to overcome his foe.

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