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Thank you to everyone who donated items, to those who had such incredible
patience with our antiquated bidding system and my Internet problems
and to all who helped us support The PEACE Fund and for support in keeping
 Adrian's Angels alive and well.

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#31 Beginning Bid: $45.00
 FINAL Bid: $0.00
Item #31 - Adrian Paul Filmography

The ultimate book about the career of actor, Adrian Paul.
There are seventeen (17) sections that covers the approximately twenty-five year career of actor, Adrian Paul.

Some of the sections are; feature films, guest starring roles, theater productions, miscellaneous projects and the complete episode guides for all the series that he has done along the way. There are 350+ pages in this heavy duty three ring binder, and you have room to add pages to keep your book up to date if you want too.

Also included is a CD-R of all this information.

Shipping Weight: Approx. 11# (Item ships from Colorado Springs, CO)
 (does not include packaging)

**Created by Linda A.

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to The PEACE (Protect, Educate, Aid, Children, Everywhere) Fund.
#32 Beginning Bid: $7.00
FINAL  Bid: $0.00

Item #32 - Hot Air Glass Earrings

Created with blown glass "balloons" with glass baskets to adorn these unique Hot Air Balloon earrings.

These are a green and purple (the pictures didn't pick up the lovely colors) swirl with a dark iridescent glass square that acts as the basket of this design.

Shipping Weight: Approx. 2.0oz
 (does not include packaging)

**Created by Linda A.
#33 Beginning Bid: $7.00
 FINAL Bid: $7.00


Ready to show your support of Adrian's Angels? This fun bracelet is the perfect way. The silver tones beads spell out "Adrians Angels" and there are numerous little Angels around the bracelet.

 Even an Angel that says "Made for an Angel." What could be better?

The silver metal chain is eight (8") inches long and I can shorten that if requested. You can always secure the chain on an inner length to make it smaller too.

Help us stay online, please support Adrian's Angels. :)

Shipping Weight: Approx. 6.0oz
 (does not include packaging)

**Created by Riley R.
#34 Beginning Bid: $25.00
 FINAL Bid: $30.00

Item #34 - Pink Ribbon Set

This is much more than a Pink Ribbon salute, it's for a great cause!! Proceeds will be donated directly to the Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation. This is a special group dedicated to a type of Cancer that is more aggressive than most. (Riley is a survivor of this type of Cancer) It needs the support!

Set includes:
Pink Ribbon Earrings (2 1/2" long), Leather key ring w/2 pics of Adrian Paul, Gardening Gloves (medium), Fight Like a Girl post-it notes, I Am the Cure keyring, Boobies soap, Pink Ribbon socks w/silicone wrist band, Hope Worry Stone, Pink Freshmint TicTacs, Set of National Breast Cancer Foundation (6ea) mini pins, pink ribbon stickers (great for your phone!), black wide HOPE wrist band (give to the man in your life) Refrigerator magnet, cute Nail Tattoos, "Save the Ta-Tas" magnet, mini-Kleenex pack, Pink Ribbon lanyard for your keys or I.D., Hope magnet, New Balance shoe laces with Pink Ribbon, a plastic head shade, "Chicks Rule" ink pen w/changing support words, lip gloss, and you can carry it all off in a Susan G. Komen pink Ribbon grocery Tote. Tote is 20"wx13"h w/4" gusset and 22" straps and a fun set of pink ribbon gloves for those cold days.

 And to really show your support is the cutest gray T-shirt with sparkle words of support and a lovely butterfly, by Hanes for Susan G. Komen. (Med, small or X-large only, your choice)

Shipping Weight: Approx. 2#
 (does not include packaging)

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to The Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation
#35 Beginning Bid: $8.00
FINAL  Bid: $20.00

Item #35 - Peace Pics

Already in a nice photo wallet for you to carry with you and show your friends and all those who ask, "Who is Adrian Paul?" lol

You get the alligator look wallet and 16 4"x6" pics of Adrian that came from his PEACE magazine. When the magazine was first published, each issue featured a color pic on the outside. These are replicated from those same pics. You've seen the pics, maybe you wondered where they came you can see most of them and enjoy to our hearts content.

Shipping Weight: Approx. 9.0oz
 (does not include packaging)

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to The PEACE (Protect, Educate, Aid, Children, Everywhere) Fund.
#36 Beginning Bid: $5.00
FINAL  Bid: $0.00
Item #36 - Angel Ceramic Windchime

Cute, Angels, blue...perfect. This little chime is best inside because it's ceramic and too much wind might damage.

Hang it nearby where it might catch a spring breeze and remind you that there are Angels in the World.

The chime is 9"h and each Angel is 3"x2 1/4"

Shipping Weight: Approx. 9.0oz
 (does not include packaging)

**Donated Item, thank you!
#37 Beginning Bid: $15.00
 FINAL Bid: $15.00
Item #37 - Layered Necklace

Multi layering is "IN" so keep up with the styles and show off this lovely necklace.

The leather-like double cord to a black industrial type foundation. Dangling from this in perfect accord are little diamonds, a pearl-like bead, a realistic butterfly and other gold-tones and silver-toned findings that layer on a Mother-of-Pearl disk. Dangles reach almost three (3") inches.

The necklace is just over sixteen(16") inches with a generous 3 1/2" adjustment chain at the back so it will fit most everyone.

Shipping Weight: Approx. 6.0oz
 (does not include packaging)

**Created by Riley
#38 Beginning Bid: $10.00
FINAL  Bid: $15.00
Item #38 - Fly with Me Necklace

This cute silver metal tonedfinding is perfect for any Angel. And we sure can fly!  

Dropped on a tiny silver chain behind the heart dangles a purple, blue and clear Swaravski crystal and a tiny brushed silver-look bit of metal that says "love."

It's all on a delicate ball chain that is seventeen (17") inches long with a generous 1 1/2" extender.

Shipping Weight: Approx. 4.0oz
 (does not include packaging)
#39 Beginning Bid: $7.00
FINAL  Bid: $15.00
Item #39 - Pink Wire Wraped Earrings

Gorgeous Swarovski crstals and hearts in a lovely pink color, dangle from this wire-wrapped loop. Very unusual design and sure to turn heads..and accent any outfit.

Earrings are approx. 3" long.

Shipping Weight: Approx. 4.0oz
 (does not include packaging)
#40 Beginning Bid: $10.00
 FINAL Bid: $50.00

Item #40 - Chocomania

Who can live without chocolate????

This cute set features a deep chocolate ceramic mug with all kinds of coffee/chocolate words. The serving place is reminiscent of the 1800's and says, "Chocolate." Perfect for a bit of toast or muffin with your coffee. Then to keep you in the Chocolate mood all day there is a chocolate cupcake Memo Holder and it's got a mouth-watering pic of Adrian Paul already for you to enjoy.

The two chocolate scented (they DO smell like chocolate!) candles are shaped like candies right from a box of chocolates. In fact, we included a brand new 10oz box of Russell Stover chocolate assortment to tempt you further.

Shipping Weight: Approx. 2#
 (does not include packaging)

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