Why a "Huggy Bear?"

Several years ago, various law enforcement agencies around the country discovered that providing teddy bears to injured and traumatized children helped calm the otherwise traumatic event.

Motor vehicle accidents, child medical trauma, or even scenes where the child is not the focus such as domestic violence or other such emergency calls are stressful and upsetting to a child. Having a focal point, such as a stuffed animal, comforted the child and created a bond of trust with the officers.
Many police/fire/emergency departments around the country are now carrying the snuggly animals in their vehicles. In most instances, the bears are provided solely by donations.

Caring for Children Inc., a nonprofit organization dealing in preventive mental health, works through police departments as well as social-service agencies because of their workers frequent contacts with abused and traumatized children.

The agency has already donated thousands of bears to local Californian police and fire departments.

Samantha Grier, the organization's president says, ''It is not a toy,'' it's a therapeutic tool. It gives the child the impression somebody cares,''
While there are many names out there for this program, no national program exists...so we decided to call ours....

Source: New York Time, UC Riverside &
City of Plano, TX

Soft ....cuddly..
snuggly, kissable and always huggable!
They become a friend!!

Adrian's Angels has decided to help, and hopes you will join us in this endeavor.

For every $5.00 donation we receive, you will sponsor
one (1) bear.

Every HuggyBear sponsored  will be donated to a local police department as our way to promote The PEACE Fund.

Let's spread the Peace!!
Help us, help them!

There are twenty-two (22) Indian Pueblos in New Mexico.

Many vary in size, industry, history and language. Yet, while different, the problems that plague them is the same everywhere.

We have chosen Isleta Pueblo
to help!

Vintage postcard, circa late 1800's

The  Isleta Indian Pueblo is centrally located in the Rio Grande Valley, 13 miles (21 km) south of Albuquerque, but a world away.

With such ancient history
you will find many of the old customs remain.

With a current population of about 4,000 people, Isleta was originally established around the 1300's.

The name Isleta comes from the Spanish language and means
"Little Island."

The pueblo today is comprised
of two small communities Oraibi and Chicale, and the main pueblo, Isleta.

The language is generally Tiwa, with most people speaking English as well.

They have only 20 police officers to maintain the peace in a sparsely
populated area amid hundreds of
acres of vast desert.

We are over halfway!!!
Sponsor your "HuggyBear" now!

Every five dollars ($5.00 US) that you donate, will sponsor one "HuggyBear." All sponsored bears will be donated to the Isleta Indian Pueblo Police Department.

Our GOAL is 50 bears & toys!
(note: if you are participating in the Baby Quilt Project, a donation of $10 is requested.
See page for more info.)

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