Baby Quilt Project 2012

June/July 2012

You donate the money in good faith.....and sometimes wonder, where does it really go?  
We thought we'd show you where your kindly sponsored (and much appreciated) Huggy Bear/Bears actually go.

Maureen (Mo) one of our talented newer Angels, came up with a great idea to raise monies for Huggy Bears, and
to make a lovely quilt for Adrian Paul's daughter, Angelisa, in celebration of her new little baby brother. Mo was quite specific, it was to help raise monies for the Huggy Bears Project!  Mo is also making a special quilt
for Adrian and Alexandra's new baby boy...due any day now!

Mo has experience with quilting and together we came up with the idea of embroidering the names of Angels
who donated to the Huggy Bears Project along the outer edge in a coordinating color.

For just a $10.00 donation, you too can join in and have your name embroidered on the quilt!!

Mo sent a pic of one of her previous quilts (similar to what will be made for Angelisa) and an example
of how the names would be placed.
Please note: this is not really how the embroidery will look, nor the color. this is just for EXAMPLE purposes!!

Would you like to be part of this?? Be an Auntie Angel with us!  

It all started because of Adrian Paul and his charity PEACE (Protect, Educate, Aid, Children, Everywhere)
and our desire to help those locally who might be in need, the children.

Will you please help?

Please ......Donate Now!
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