Adrian Paul Holiday 2011
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Adrian Paul Holiday 2011

Click on the card to have some Holiday fun....

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The Guest Book signing is now closed.
As always, Adrian read each and every one, and wants his fans to know that he enjoys
your well wishes and thoughts.

***As always, these cards would not, nor could not be put together without the help of many people. Thank you to: Gail Kallen for her infallable sense of what is funny and what is not. Two a.m. or not, she's the bestest!
Thank you to my wonderful Moderators who keep "Adrian's Angels" afloat whilst I'm off working on things behind the scenes: Linda Arfsten, Karen Houlton, Jen Oberholtzer and the one who keeps our presence on Facebook & Twitter alive..Elise VanCise. Behind the scenes our wonderful MacGeezers (you know who you are!) keep me sane (bwaaahahahahaha) while doing all this. :)

We wish you all PEACE and joy that won't cease....
and love from our home to yours.
(We realize that many fans celebrate this season in different ways. We try to be PC and be
considerate of all who do celebrate (or not) and their views and beliefs. It is not
always possible, and we do not intend any disrespect for such fans.
We do hope that in spite of this, you will participate in the effort to bring a smile to Adrian.)
Happy Chanuchristmakwanzaakah!!

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