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1. Just think up your funniest caption
2. sUbmit it to the aa yahoo e-mail list
3. wait for the poll to open
4.  vote for your favorite caption from all entries
5. get a prize if you win!!

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and to all who voted.
 Another fun contest coming soon!
1. Just think up your funniest caption
2. sUbmit it to the aa yahoo e-mail list
3. wait for the poll to open
4.  vote for your favorite caption from all entries
5. get a prize if you win!!

www.MICROPOLL.com (unlimited poll)
The poll is now open!
We haSeptember 10 poll...good
We have a

1. Just think up your funniest caption
2. sabmit it to the aa yahoo e-mail list
3. wait for the poll to open
4.  vote for your favorite caption from all entries
5. get a prize if you win!!
  POll used in August 08

Adrian's Angels Members Only Please.
Please choose your favorite Caption!
Well I see you. What are you looking at?
“I didn’t know that this camera came with a monkey attached to it. i need to return it to the store it’s not working right.”
“I don’t know about this new lens cleaner!”
“I keep telling you, you can’t get there from here.”
“I knew this camera came with an instant stabilizer, but don’t you think it’s a bit ridiculous to have it on the outside like this?”
“What the heck is this? Can you see me now?”
“Well, what can you expect when you only pay your assistant peanuts?”
Adrian says, No. We're not nearly there yet! Stop monkeying around.
“Peek-a-boo!! I see you!”
Whoohoo! Hi Honey, I’m your blind date.
“Smile honey, you’re on Jungle Monkey Camera!”
Monkey: “I'm ready for my close up Mr. Deville”
Okay, I just got used to getting people to say 'Cheese'........now what are they supposed to say? Bananas?
Adrian to monkey, Gee, are you sure that's your picture on the dating web site?
So you're the new Playboy model for March? Adrian asks
Used March 2010

A new contest is now open!
Vote for your favorite caption.....

1. Just think up your funniest caption
2. sabmit it to the aa yahoo e-mail list
3. wait for the poll to open
4.  vote for your favorite caption from all entries
5. get a prize if you win!!
Vote from Jan 30th-February 5th
The poll is now open!

Winner gets a fun AA prize....so vote now!!

e have

HLWW8 (Foundling's pics)

Contest entries accepted from june 2 - june 9, 2008

Too easy to play!

We have a
Brenda C.
"Adrian, I think this camera belongs to one of the Gutter Girls involoved
in our 'Fan Club shoot'...and what IS this sticky stuff??"

Thanks to everyone who played!!

Angel MAtch up game
If you have the pictures and a scanner, just get busy and e-mail them to me!! The addy is at the bottom of this page.

Even if you think they are not good photos, I can try to work some magic and clean them up. I can cut you out of a group photo too! I just can't make everyone beautiful or handsome....sorry. :>)
Option 1: If you do NOT have a scanner, you can mail them to me via regular postal mail and they will be scanned and returned. Click on the E-mail link at bottom of page to contact me for mailing address.

Option 2: If you are outside of  the US, we can arrange for you to send them to someone in your country or nearby so that you don't have to mail overseas, In Canada, we have someone ready to help too! Just let me know!!

Or, take them to a drugstore, or to a Walmart/K-Mart (or similar) and they can scan them for you and put on a disk. The fee is nominal...and then oncee you have the disc, you can e-mail your picture to all your friends that you never got around to! (lol)
Sending pics in jpeg format is best, but if you are unsure about the type, just send them on and we'll see what we can do.
Don't have a current pic??

Grab one of those inexpensive cameras at one of those Dollar type stores, a drugstore, or even the grocery. Then, ask a friend to take a few pics.  Might as well take some pics of other things you've been meaning too while you're at it, no sense wasting the film! LOL (Just a hint, it's always good to have pics of your house interior...valuables, computer, tv, etc. just in case of emergency)

You can take the camera to the drugstore and have it developed. They can put the pics on a disk, print them out, whatever. There are ways to do this!
You will be notified once the contest is open and the game ready to commence. Soon!!!

The winner gets a fun Adrian's Angels prize from our treasure chest of goodies.
(PS..anyone who has ever visited my home, knows that the goody box is spilling over with great stuff!)
All we need are a couple of pics of you!!!!  
Come on, go dig through those photo albums or boxes of photos gathering dust.

Then, they will get lovely frames and it will be up to the Angels who wish to participate,
to try to match up your baby/child picture with your grown up self.  
Voting is now closed!

We have a

Answer:  Jeremy Beck, episode "Prophecy."
(you must be a member of Adrian's Angels though...and you can join using the button at
Answer:  Faith/Kate, Jin Ke, Cracker Bob, Winston, Manny and Carlos
the bottom of the page)
Answer: James Horton, episode "The Hunters"
Answer: 37 Kimmies
 Bonus: Season 2 had no Kimmies

Answer: 1964 Thunderbird; a 1968 Citroën DS;  a Land Rover

Answer: There were 22 episodes of "The Raven."

Answer: Duncan died in 1622 and became Immortal. Episode #2 shows the actual death, #1 refers to it.
Bonus: He died during a clash with the Clan Campbell in Glenfinnan Scotland

Answer:Graham Ashe

Answer: There were 119 episodes of HL:TS

Answer:  The Lady & The Tiger; Return of Amanda; Money No Object; Legacy; Methuselah's Gift; The Cross of St Antoine; Double Eagle; The Stone of Scone

Jim Byrnes (Joe Dawson)- singer
Roger Daltrey (Hugh Fitzcairn) - lead singer of The Who
Roland Gift (Xavier St. Cloud) - lead singer of the Fine Young Cannibals
Dee Dee Bridgewater (Carolyn in "The Beast Below") - jazz singer
Martin Kemp (Alfred Cahill in "Avenging Angel") - Spandau Ballet
Sheena Easton (Annie Devlin in "An Eye For an Eye")
Joan Jett (Felicia Martins in "Free Fall")
Vanity (Rebecca Lord in "Revenge is Sweet") - singer (from group Vanity 6).
Marcus Testory (Caspian in "Revelation 6:8") - lead singer of M.E.L.T.. The song featured during the Quickening in "The Modern Prometheus" was composed and performed by Testory and his band.
Sandra Bernhard (Carolyn Marsh in "Dramatic License")

Connor MacLeod, Hamza el Kahir, Graham Ashe, Hideo Koto, May-Ling Shen, Otavio Consone

Answer: There were 24 episodes beginning with "The."

Answer: False, he shot himself in the chest.

In Highlander: Endgame, Duncan is said to have beheaded around 176 Immortals  Connor MacLeod scored around 260 Quickenings, and their rival, Jacob Kell, an astounding 665 Quickenings. It is also implied that Methos probably has the largest numbers of Quickenings, due to his old age, but is perhaps not necessarily the strongest. If you add up the number of Quickenings Duncan has experienced, the number of Connor's, and Jacob Kell's, which Duncan received from beheading both men, the number reaches 1,103.
Actually, I did not count the addition 4 beheadings (Kell's posse) that happened during Endgame. Ooops! (Luckily, no one's answer reflected this)
 Look at the picture featured above.
Think of a caption that fits the picture. It can be funny...serious....you decide!
Write it down and send to the AA Yahoo list.
Be sure and put CAPTION CONTEST in the Subject line of your e-mail.
All captions will be recorded by our moderators to the best of their ability.
Due to the very large number of e-mails generated by AA each day, we hope to do our best to record all submissions.
More than one caption may be submitted, but due to the immense response of entries, it's understood that we may have to just choose one (1)
as your final entry. (sorry)
At the close of the contest, a poll will be started where you may vote for your favorite caption.
Winners will be selected by popular vote by our AA members.
All winners will receive a special prize.
You can view past winners on our Contest Page: