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Trivia Game
All answers can be found on our web site, www.adriansangels.com
in the "HIghlander" section. So take a cruise on over and see if you
can answer all 15 to win a prize!

What other actor appeared in the Highlander series portraying Duncan MacLeod?

Jacob Kell (Highlander: Endgame) had a group of Immortal followers who did his every bidding. Please name all six.

Who said that Immortals are "an abomination before nature and in the eyes of man," and claims that "There is no glory but ours. No destiny that is not of our making. (...) We will never be dominated. (...) We know about the Gathering. It's about power. There is nothing greater than the power of man."   

Name the person and the HL episode.

Over the years the fans and writers of HL: TS have laughed about the number of Immortals with a name (first or last) that began with the letter "K."   They became the "Kimmies."

How many "Kimmies" appeared in all six seasons?
Bonus:  Which Season had NO "Kimmies?"

What 3 types of vehicles did Duncan MacLeod drive during the series on a regular basis?

How many episodes of the Highlander series spin-off "The Raven," starring Elizabeth Gracen, were there?

In what year and where did Duncan MacLeod die and become Immortal?  
Bonus: What caused his death?

Juan Sanchez Villa-Lobos Ramirez and Duncan MacLeod share a mentor.  
Who was he?

How many episodes were there of Highlander:The Series?

There are at least 6 episodes where Amanda deals & steals either in money or jewels. Can you name four  of them?

There were ten (10) musicians/singers who appeared in HL:TS.
Can you name 7 of them?

Duncan MacLeod had at least five (5) mentors over the years.
Can you name 3 of them?

How many episodes began with the word "The?"

Did Duncan MacLeod use a knife to kill himself when he tried to convince Tessa of his immortality?  
True or False

If you add up the number of Quickenings Duncan MacLeod  has experienced... the number of Connor's, and Jacob Kell's (which Duncan received from beheading both men) the number reaches:  665        927    1103      1258  (choose one)

Thanks for playing!!!

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