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(Highlander DownUnder)
February 26-Mar 01, 2004

Reports are in! Enjoy the pics and keep following the links to  get to those.
Sadly, we were only allowed about 2 minutes after the actors
walked on stage to take pics, so very limited.
We were not allowed any pics during the Cabaret.

 Adrian takes the stage!
Roger Bellon..the Music Man
David Abramowitz

A drawing of the Loft brought in lots of dollars.
James Horan

Give the man something to play with and he takes over! LOL

I forget why John is on the floor, but did Liz see a mouse?
Passing out Candy! Who wants Candy?...sigh...

Adrian, Peter and F. Braun
David A and Liz
Lizzie makes John's Day

Peter w/photo (before he rubbed it on his chest! *BEG*)  
Looking for bids at the auction
Peter contemplates
Adrian recalls posing
in this magazine
To get the bidding higher..he rubs the mag on his chest!  
Lots of laughs!

F. Braun doing what he does best
Caution! Man and sharp object

Thanks to Carmel and her crew!

The stars all got a camera to take pics from their view. Cameras were later auctioned of for $1500+!!!!
Bones won Peter's camera....see the pics CLICK HERE!!!!

This picture says it all....Adrian had fun!

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