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Sydney 2005
April 29-May 1st
photo courtesy: Nancye Elliot

Elaine, Gail and Nora

Once again HLWW gave us a class act weekend!
Adrian, Peter, F. Braun, David A and so much more!
Erica, Gail and Nora
Elaine has a SAPS moment
Sydney bridge. Elaine, Erica and Nicolette made the climb to the top!
Gail, Erica and other friends at the Sydney Zoo
Carmel and Gail
Adrian and Alex on the ferry to the zoo
Adrian signs some special things for
Adrian's Angels
~Photo courtesy Nancye Elliot~

Erica, Gail, Elaine and Nora all enjoyed some special time with Adrian
~Photo courtesy of Nancye Elliot~

The Angels presented Adrian with his own Adrian's Angels shirt.
~Photo courtesy of Nancye Elliot~
Adrian wearing our Adrian's Angels shirt
at the Sydney Aquarium
Check out our T-shirt page for
more info and pics!
~Photo courtesy of Carmel~

Angels & Devils were found in Sydney..
Erica and Elaine can vouch for that!

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