~The Trust Video~
Adrian Paul as 'Cole' in the series "Tracker," episode "Trust."
 (plays best with Windows Media Player and may take a few minutes to load)

While you're waiting......here's a few tips to make your viewing more enjoyable!

Not sure who screen capped it (probably about 100+ fans at least... but thank you!

1.  Grab a huge drool bucket or an X-tra large bib.

2. Cover your keyboard to protect it.

3. Do not handle any food or drink while watching this clip.

4. Make sure all family members are out of the room.

5. Close windows in case you scream.

6.  Turn on a fan, or have one handy.

7. Do not attempt to stand up, walk or operate heavy machinery
within five (5) minutes after viewing.

8.  Please do not attempt to grab the screen....it's just a movie!

9.  Have the telephone close by to call 9-1-1 if heart palpatations begin.

10. ENJOY!!!!!!!!!

The Slo-mo movie....... It all starts here!!!

Now that your appetite is whetted....
.take a look at the real thing that Stephy C has put up on YouTube.

Special thanks to Linda A for copying Tracker to DVD  & sharing it with me. :>))

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