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"Adrian-oholics" that's who!
We are Adrian Paul fans, that is!

We gather at Conventions, online to chat and E-mail, to follow
his career, to learn more about him, to adore him.
We are obsessed (in a good way) and cannot
get enough of anything Adrian.
Do you think you might be an
Adrianoholic too?

Check out the list below and if more than ten apply to you,
then you just as well admit it.
Go ahead, say it out loud..
..I'm an Adrianoholic!
You know you're an Adrian-oholic if...... swear you could watch him reading the phone book. find yourself flashing the PEACE sign at the strangest moments.
..thoughts of him bare chested  leave you panting and drooling. listen to the Adrian Tapes on your Walkman instead of music. watch "Love Potion # 9" over and over and over again just to see him for the mere  7 minutes or so  that he's in it!! buy all of the Adrian Paul movies and Highlander series on DVD andstill only have a VCR! imagine him in the hero's role in EVERY SINGLE ROMANCE novel you read!! patiently sat up until the wee hours of the morning to watch and tape Tracker.........or if you set your alarm to wake you up at some ungodly hour to do this!'re planning a vacation to all the Highlander-related locations in Scotland! can spend hours sifting through all the Adrian/Duncan/Highlander merchandise on Ebay, looking for just the right item to add to your collection.
.. you have downloaded so many pictures of Adrian Paul your computer sends out a notice to you that your  hard drive is full.
..your home page on the Internet Explore is Adrian Paul's web site or Adrian's Angels!
..your screen saver, wallpaper and audio sounds are all Adrian related. ALWAYS finish the phrase "In the end" with "there can be only one." can actually tell the different Martial Arts and sword fighting styles!  
..when your house is wallpapered in Adrian pictures!
..when you insist your boyfriend/ husband  needs to grow his hair out, wear it tied back, clothes himself in white turtlenecks and jeans, and should carry a sword concealed beneath a London Fog trench coat!
..when you name your first born son, Adrian, your second born son, Duncan, and any other children that follow after characters he's played in different movie!
..when you park your Tracker SUV next to  the Highlander SUV.
..when all your Adrian DVD/VHS tapes are marked "touch these and I'll cut off your head." get ridiculously excited every time you hear or read the name "Adrian"... "Duncan" or "MacLeod."
..when you see a newspaper article that is credited AP and your first thought ISN'T "Associated Press." couldn't get a Highlander coffee mug, so you made one of your own using a customizable travel cup from Starbucks.'ve ever been forced to change your desktop wallpaper because HE is too distracting.
...thoughts of Dunkin' Donuts makes you sigh...Mmmmm...Duncan. send your child to bed early so you can watch Highlander DVDs or VHS tapes. have to wipe off your keyboard with a super absorbent towel after looking at all the Adrian pictures. have an Adrian Paul answering machine message on your cell phone and your husband hangs up 4 times because he thinks he has the wrong number.
.. when you use all the ink in your printer (twice or more) printing out pictures of Adrian Paul.
..when you start having withdrawal symptoms because you went more than an hour without seeing a picture of Adrian Paul.
.. when you sit around thinking of things that make you an Adrianoholic.
..when you have over 500 pictures of the man and it's still not enough. mention his name at least once a day and drive friends and family crazy urging them to watch Highlander with you or showing off your pictures and memorabilia.
..when you pull down the visor in the car, and a pic of Adrian is smiling back at you!
..get a secret smile on your face while at work when they play "Dust in the Wind" or anything by the Fine Young Cannibals (Roland Gift, Xavier St. Cloud) on the radio.
..You can't pass a McDonalds without thinking of a Big "Mac."
Ok, admit nodded your head to at least one or two
of those didn't you?
Welcome to Adrian-oholics!
Some people may be shocked and find it hard to accept that their lives revolve around this
addicting man. Therefore we offer the following 12-step program (adapted just a little)
 to help those who want to conquer their addiction.

1. We admitted we were powerless over our Adrian obsession -- that our lives had become unmanageable.
2. Came to believe that turning off the TV and our computer could restore us to sanity.
3. Made a decision to turn our obsession into something good.
4. Made a searching and fearless moral inventory of our obsession (and realized it was hopeless!).
5. Admitted to ourselves and to another human being the exact nature of our obsession and that it was wrong.
6. Were entirely ready to have help to remove all these defects of character.
7. Humbly asked friends and family to help us stop this addiction!
8. Made a list of all persons we had sent FRUs to and promised never to do it again.
9. Made direct amends to friends/family that we ignored or threatened  while watching Highlander/Adrian.
10. Continued to take personal inventory and when we are tempted to just sneak a peek,  promptly admit it.
11. Sought through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact with normal non-Adrian life and the power to carry that out. (Can this be done?)
12. Having had a spiritual awakening as the result of these steps, we tried to carry this message to other Adrianoholics and help them with their obsessions.
(Note: All of the above is intended for fun only, no intent is made to degrade or abuse the real addiction programs)

Even after finding out your true Adrian diagnosis, you may find it hard to explain to family and friends. Don't worry...we all have gone through the same thing.  

They'll get used to it...eventually.

Recently some of our members were asked to put together a little list of WARNINGS and
CAUTIONS that they learned over the years and felt the need to pass on to the "Newbies."  
(Note: they seem to follow a theme for some reason! LOL)

Note: Adrian's Angel's bears absolutely NO RESPONSIBLITY for replacing any part of your computer that might be
damaged while reading or looking at any portion of this web site!!
WARNING: blood pressure test required before and after viewing pictures

CAUTION: Prolonged gazing at the eyes/face/body of Adrian Paul can cause shortness of breath and weak knees. Gaze responsibly.

CAUTION: Do not attempt to type on your computer after viewing Adrian pictures. Drool will short out your keyboard.

CAUTION: Adrian is so hot, you can look but don't touch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WARNING: Serious Booty.

CAUTION: You may need to be prepared with a drool bib and bucket.

CAUTION: If in the same room as this man, do NOT attempt to think or speak clearly!
Additional warning... IF you actually look into his eyes, the current management will NOT be responsible for any brain scrambling, inability to stand or puddling that may occur!!


CAUTION: May cause lapse into Gutter Girl state of mind

Please, be Warned: This man exudes sex appeal that can have a profound effect on you for years to come!  You are not only Mexmerized by his Presence, but can't help but stare, because he's so Incredibly handsome! (which flows, from inside out).

CAUTION: Do not take photo of Adrian to work and put in work work will be done all day.

WARNING!!! Watching the DVD sets of "Highlander: The Series" may cause insomnia.......
.....betcha can't watch just one!! :o)

Do you have a Warning or Caution that should be here?? E-mail me!

Now that you realize that you are obsessed, addicted, besotted, and just ga-ga over Adrian ,
now you can enjoy the rest of the web site!!
This is our little gathering place...

Our hearts flutter, we drool, our feet leave the floor (therefore we have to have wings!)
when we set our eyes upon this remarkable man. We are friends sharing our thoughts,
ideas, hopes, dreams and prayers with each other with one common thread...

That is who we are....

Want to joinAdrian's Angels?

Our Yahoo group is
fun-filled!! A friendly,
caring and sharing place.
Check us out on Facebook for the best news, pics and Adrian!
Adrians Angels Yahoo Egroup
Talk about Adrian, share pictures and get to knwo each other.

E-mail us with more Adrianoholic suggestions!!
Fan Expressions
Fan Art, Wallpapers and Poetry for you!

"Live, grow stronger. Drool another day."  ~Jan Lopreste~

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