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Upcoming Adrian Paul movies
Miracle Underground(pre-production) 2015
Inferno by Dante(Completed)                   2015
Outpost 37(post-production)                     2014
Kids vs Monsters  (post-production)     2014
Egill: The Last Pagan(announced)         2013
Dante's Hell Animated(Short)                2014
Apocalypse Pompeii (video)                  2014
Black Rose                                                  2014
AE: Apocalypse Earth (Video)                2014
"Cop-Puter"                                                 2012
War of the Worlds: Goliath                      2012
The Abominable Snowman                   2013
The Confession                                         2013
"Inferno by Dante" *Animated* (Voice of Ulysses)
"Bali: Sacred & Secret" (voiceover)
"Cold Fusion" SyFy (UK) aired 2/2011

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I said a hip hop
a hippy hippy
a hip hip hop and don't you stop

Bouncers welcomes you to a vision of the '80s 'urban night life, to Stag Nights and Hen "do's," to drunken crying girls and gallons of booze. It's a celebration time, come on. It's always frustrating for the oldest swingers in town. Yes, all human life is inevitably here, in Midnight Circus. The beer is pricey, the music pulsating and the atmosphere is intoxicating.

When Adrian found that acting was something he really wanted to do, he wanted to do it on stage. His first opportunity came in the form of Bouncers. An English play with a successful run in Los Angeles, it was moving to the off-Broadway Minetta Lane Theater. When he got the job he couldn't have been more thrilled. For Adrian, there was - and still is - nothing like the excitement of live theater. Every night, every line, and every audience is different. Every performance uncovers something new.

Immediately after Bouncers Adrian did his first feature film. Over the next few years, most of his work came in TV and film and he couldn't find time to get back to the stage. He still wanted to work on plays, both classical and modern, and found an outlet for this creativity in acting classes.

After the success of Highlander, he studied with an acting teacher named Larry Moss. Larry's passion for acting excites Adrian even to this day, and it was Larry who his ever so charming way...that Adrian should find his way back to the theater. To that end, with a few other members from his Intensives Group, Adrian founded the L.A. based Actors Collaborative (formerly Actors in Process). Now three years later and with one play to their credit, Adrian hopes to be able to do much work on the stage


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Some of the links may no longer work. We do try to keep up but it's a never-ending job.
1998 Cover Model Adrian Paul w/Quick Time video
Link no longer active, sorry
2000 Adrian Paul proves there can be more than one immortal Highlander .
Link no longer active, sorry
2000 Sept Chat Transcript  Release of HL Endgame
Link no longer active, sorry
2001 The immortal Adrian Paul enlists as an intergalactic bounty hunter in Tracker
Link no longer active, sorry
2004 Highlander: The Series Season Four release
2004  There's also a great article in Feb, 2004 Ugo online mag with Adrian Paul about Season 3 DVDs
2004 Online chat in french open to fans. Read the French Interview in English, translated by Wain on our Adrian's Angels French Chat Page.  
2004 Interview in France regarding the release of HL: The Series, Season One on DVD.
Click here for the Adrian's Angels page ...Hotel Carillon Interview (translated by Wain)
2004 French Chat about release of Highlander DVD
2005 Interview with Adrian about Tsunami, Highlander and the creative process. "Last Man Standing: Adrian Paul"
2005 Adrian Paul Charts New Waters as Gay Submarine Captain in Tides of War By Bill Biss
Link no longer active, sorry
2005 Tsunami auction a success
Link no longer active, sorry
2005 Paul Continues Relief Efforts
2005 Ask Adrian w.vide
2006 High Hopes A discussion about HL: The Source
2007 Video interview w/Adrian at SciFi Grand Slam event
2007 Interview about "Tides of War"
Link no longer active, sorry
2007 Highlander's Paul goes to Source.    Interview about Highlander: The Source
Link no longer active, sorry
2007 Paul Intrigued by Roanoke     Interview with Adrian about "Wraiths of Roanoke"
2007 Feb "Adrian Paul Gets Immortal Again" Interview w/Brian about "THe Source."
2008 Adrian talks about "Highlander: The Source," the problems, character and more
2008 Adrian talks about "Highlander: The Source" release on DVD
2008 Interview about "Highlander: The Source"
2008 Interview with Adrian about "HL: The Source"
2008 March, Adrian is interviewed about "The Source" release and his other current projects
Joblo/Arrow in the Head
2008 March Adrian speaks about upcoming projects and making Highlander
2008 March  Quickie little interview by Matt Price about "HL: TS"
2008 March, Another interview about release of Highlander movie on DVD
2008 March 18  A Hungarian Interview.
2008 Seven (7) TV interviews with Adrian and Alexandra and their apartment renovation
2008 Interview by Mike Spring as the Highlander DVDs are set to be released.
2008 TV Interview with Adrian and Alexandra.  How they met and more.
2008 Quickie promo by Barbara Vey at Romantic Times Cover Model ceremony
2008  Russian TV interview, Alex's birthday
2009 May  Lollipops and Rainbows Launch party (no talking, just posing)
2009  May   Green Girls Interview Adrian talks about PEACE, P4P and more
2009  May Adrian talks about being recognized as the Highlander, favorite actors & influences
2010 April  Adrian talks with "Show Us Your Goodness" about The PEACE Fund for a contest
2011 June 23 Chris Marrow of CNN iReport has a little video interview with Adrian.
2011 July 22 Adrian answered fan questions in a short interview on (link not available any longer)
2012 March  Adrian is interviewed by two sweet little girls prior to entering the Pre-Oscars Gifing Lounge
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