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All rights reserved 2001-2013
Site designed and maintained by Rileah Ringo

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Photo by: Karoly Ujfalusi

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Try the CrosSWORD puzzle!


1. Gina and Robert de _________
8. He killed Rebecca
13. MacLeod could not allow Ingrid to kill this white racist (His initials?)
14. "The Dark____" (fill in missing letters)
15. One of the Horsemen
18. She plays Sara Lightfoot and Little Deer (Initials)
19. MacLeod borrowed this from Building A's janitor
21. Amanda can expertly p__k a lock (fill in missing letters)
22. Immortal O'Brady
23. Jim Coltek was a _______
26. One of the Horsemen
30. He plays Consone and Kurlow (Initials)
31. She helped Max Leiner retrieve money stolen by the Nazis (Initials)
32. One of the Horsemen
34. Richie loved to ___
36. The Highlander's nickname
38. Ahriman's home
39. Kit was _________ when the Double Eagle burned down
42. Annie Devlin's org.
44. K__is, the Immortal dog lover (fill in missing letters)
45. Darius brewed them from mosses and mold forms
46. Vivian __ plays May-Ling Shen
47. _eirdwy_ took back the night (fill in missing letters)
50. "I have no ____, no man can be my equal"
52. Simon ___lian (Fill in missing letters)
53. First name of the "Innocent Man"
54. Kalas killed this Watcher bigwig named Jacques
57. He plays Steven Keane (Initials)
58. Agent Delaney is an Army ____
60. An Immortal's wound never develops this
62. Amanda's reluctant partner in ownership of the four-legged Double Eagle (initials)
63. In 1923, Mac drank champagne from Nora Fontaine's ____
64. Little Kenny loved to ____
66. Mark Rothwood _____ Lori Bellian
67. HL director spoofed by Adrian Paul in "Money No Object" Hint: He loves fog
69. Richie thought fruits __ mer was fruit salad
70. Martin ____ beheaded Mac's friend Segur
71. _oland Gif_ plays Xavier St. Cloud (first and last letters)
73. Consone's "more"
74. Mac's music collection
76. The Highlander spent many an interesting night in one of these
77. Everett Bellian's title (abbreviation)
79. Methos to Alexa: " ...would you be __ waitress?"
80. MacLeod's sword
81. "Black"
1. Where Kanwulf hoped to go when he died
2. Tessa saw Ballin throw this artist off a bridge (Initials)
3. During a Quickening, power flows from one Immortal____another
4. Gra__ Chandel (fill in missing letters)
5. Adrian Paul deserves this award for his parody of 67 across in "Money No Object"
6. Richie's homeland
7. Mac marooned him on a desert island (Initials)
8. Glenfinnan, on the shores of ____ _____
9. "One" in Paris
10. "If you die, Amanda will be free __ date."
11. Sara Lightfoot stole the _o__ins baby (fill in missing letters)
12. We all hope Horton ____ in Hell
16. This Ms. Luce backed the wrong Christian
18. This Mr. Ferguson played Kenny
20. Lyman Kurlow's partner (Initials)
24. He plays Bryan Slade and Gavriel Larca (Initials)
25. A martial arts choreographed form used to fight imaginary opponents is called this
27. Hamza's holy city was M____
28. Ursa hung out at the Paris _____ House
29. One of the Horsemen
33. MacLeod's favorite doctor (Initials)
35. Said Kalas to MacLeod: " You have me ____ disadvantage…" (Two words)
36. She wrote "Frankenstein; or The Modern Prometheus" (Initials)
37. One of Amanda's professions
40. How many times can a mortal die?
41. Methos: "If you die, Amanda will be free __ date."
43. Bloody battle where English defeated the Scots in 1746
45. __rsis (Kagan's partner)
46. "Something ______"
48. "Hey, mister, I'm _______ sister"
49. Producer Ken Gord's wife, she wrote 48 down
50. Mac's kissin' cousin (Initials)
51. Plays Vashti (Initials)
53. Richie never thought one of the good guys would ____
55. "And" to Maurice
56. Name used for a jeweler, taxidermist and the "boat guy"
59. Juliette put poison on Fitz's clarinet ____
60. Ms. Easton plays Annie Devlin
61. He plays Carl Robinson (3 initials)
64. Timothy the hermit gave MacLeod his _____ Quickening
65. She plays Carolyn Marsh (initials)
68. Kalas' scar was on his ____
70. Ned was angry after finding his fiancée in the ___ with MacLeod
72. Andersonville was a ___ camp in Georgia (abbr.)
73. He plays Maurice (Initials)
75. "Yes" to Kristov and Alexei Voshin
76. Studies __ Light
77. __nnor MacLeod (fill in missing letters)
78. __ Blues Bar

It's probably easiest if you print this off to work on at your leisure.  
Just Right-click the Crossword Puzzle picture and Print.
Or, Save to your computer, then print from your photo files.

You can Right-click and highlight each column (Across or Down) and then
Print, or copy & paste into a Word processor document of your own.

Crossword Puzzle Answers!!!
Have fun and special thanks once again to the stupendous talents of Emit
(and her contributors) who graciously allow us to share this with you.
The winner by popular vote was India!!

The challenge was to design an December 2007 Calendar*******************************

We thought it was time to celebrate our Angels!!

Previous Angels of the Month
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January 2008
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Leonore & Nathaniel

November 2008
We welcome all Angels!! If you are interested in becoming
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"DEAUVILLE" (pre-production)
"Basile's Legacy" (pre-production)
"Bali: Sacred & Secret" (voiceover)
"COLD FUSION" SyFy (UK) airing 2/2011

DVD Released  December 21, 2010
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