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Adrian Paul Audio

The Adrian Tapes
These tapes were made in the 90's but we do not have a specific date of production.
They are immensely fun to listen to if you ever get your hands on a set!
adrian paul voiceovers, adrian paul tapes, adrian paul cds, adrian paul reading
Offered in 1997 by Adrian Paul's PEACE-Adrian Paul Fan Cub this answering tape has Adrian in many guises. It offeres both short and a longer version in different accents, including: French, Russian, Italian, Scottish and ...uh...Tribal. :>)

Imagine your friends calling and hearing Adrian's voice tell them you are not home!!

This is such a fun tape, these are not so popular any longer with the advent of CDs. Sadly, it was only available in the cassette style.

***Be sure & check out our annual Auctions held yearly around Valentine's Day, these recordings have been remastered to CDs.:))
Highlander 1.01 audio books, adrian paul
Highlander 1.01 The Lesson

Of all the sword fights Duncan MacLeod has fought over the centuries, the toughest have been against an Immortal named Pieter Gatlan.

 Starring Adrian Paul and Trevor Cooper
April 2009
Dreamsongs with excerpts read by Adrian Paul

Dubbed “the American Tolkien” by Time magazine, #1 New York Times bestselling author George R. R. Martin is a giant in the field of fantasy literature and one of the most exciting storytellers of our time. Now he delivers a rare treat for listeners: a compendium of his shorter works, collected into three stunning volumes, that offers fascinating insight into his journey from young writer to award-winning master.

Adrian reads several of the stories. Listen to one right here!

Available at many online stores.

Adrian Paul audio
Highlander 1.02 Love and Hate
“Immortals didn’t die. Not like this. You cut an Immortal, they got up. You shot them, they got up. You burnt them, they got up. They always got up.”

A roof-top duel between sword-wielding combatants becomes the talk of Seacouver – but Duncan is perplexed when both bodies are found with their heads intact. No Quickening has taken place, and instead, the pair seemed to have burned to death. And who is Maria Rostov, the beautiful young Russian claiming that her life is in danger?

Starring: Adrian Paul and Beth Chalmers


Adrian lends his voice, along with many of his Highlander pals, to this anime version of " War of the Worlds."

Co-starring, Peter Wingfield, Jim Byrnes and Elizabeth Gracen, this film was premiered at Comic Con San Diego 2012. No DVD as yet. "WOTW:G" won the LA Animated Films 3D award a few days later. It even beat out "Madagascar3!!"

More info can be found on our

Highlander 1.03 The Secret of the Sword
“This sword is at least four hundred years old.”

Duncan MacLeod knows a lot about swords. Everyone knows that. So, when he’s called in to help Seacouver police value an antique blade found hidden away in a museum basement, he thinks nothing of it. But then, when he sees the sword – as amazing, beautiful and ancient as it is – Duncan realises there might be more to his involvement than he originally thought…

Starring: Adrian Paul and Toby Longworth

Phantom: 2040

Animated tv series, first aired Oct, 1995.  Based loosely on the popular comic "The Phantom."  Adrian was in the episode called, "Sanctuary" as the character Gunner.

Buy the Highlander CDs

Highlander 1.04 Kurgan Rising

“Everyone has a bogeyman… A name whispered with fear and dread…”

In production 2013

Egill: The Last Pagan (Animated)

Adrian's character.....Arin Bjorn
Adrian Paul is the voice of Arinjborn for Egil the movie
Director: Áron Gauder
Writers: Tamás Beregi, Mark Richards

Michael Madsen ........... Egil (voice)
Adrian Paul ............ ........Arin Bjorn (voice)
Lili Bordán .................... Asgerd (voice)
Jeremy Haward-Grau ...Young Egill

Watch a quick trailer on YouTube:

In production. To be filmed in:
Hungary | Iceland | Germany | Croatia | Canada

With an increasing number of Immortals disappearing, Duncan and Watcher Joe Dawson decide to investigate. The trail leads to an imposing Parisian office building owned by business magnate Augustus Mason, but nothing can prepare the Highlander for what he will find within. An old friend, a new foe – and an ancient terror reborn!

Bali: sacred and Secret w/ voice overs by Adrian Paul

Inspired by Gill Marais’book "Bali – Sacred & Secret," a film that delves into the spiritual heritage and celestial cycle of life of Bali. Adrian Paul  does some
voice-overs in this feature length documentary on Bali.  Malaysia’s Julian Shori and Switzerland’s Basil Gelpke (A Crude Awakening) join together to show the secret world of the Balinese who believe that ultimate power
resides in the unseen realms of the spirit world.  The film traces the cycle of a year on Bali, through the ceremonies marking the soul from birth until death,
only to be reborn once again

Read more at the Official site:

Watch the video and listen as Adrian narrates this stunning film!

  Bali Official Facebook Page

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