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Karen H

Karen and Dan

My name is Karen, I’m currently 59 years old, married to a wonderfully tolerant man for the past 38 years, mother of 2 adult daughters, grandmother of 3 (one girl and 2 boys) and GREAT grandmother of 2 little boys.

I live outside of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and I’m one of the MacGeezers, which means I’ve been with Adrian’s Angels for a long, LONG time!

My hobbies include crochet, photography, music and reading. I keep myself busy babysitting 2 of my grandchildren who are 2 and 5 years old……..both boys…….and believe me it keeps me hopping! I’ve attended 2 cons (wish it could have been more) and loved getting to meet fellow Angels. Oh yes…………and meeting “The Man” himself! Sigh………… an experience I’ll NEVER forget!

My wish is to meet more Angels, and perhaps to see Adrian in person again.

aka: Momma Angel

Born in Michigan and raised in Indiana, I am a child of the midwest.

After ending my marriage of 12 yrs I moved to New Mexico with my son to find a better life. Good times and bad, we made it through and here I am....where I am supposed to be. This is the land of my heart. The Land of Enchantment.

My two granddaughters keep me busy and my heart just melts when I see them.  Mentally, I feel about 30, but in actual years, I'm mid-60's. Arrrgh!

I turned my love of art into creating things with my hands and I've had an active craft business for about 12 yrs now. Whether it be painting fun animal rocks  or huge wall murals, sewing, Granddaughters call me "Magical"  because it seems I know how to make almost everything they want. :))

I try to enjoy each project to it's fullest. I also design and create jewelry, which allows me to set up at local craft shows and display my art. Along with my son, we've created several award winning paintings which have been honored by the fine artists of New Mexico. He has grown into a well-known artist himself, but his efforts are on big rigs, cars and motorcycles., or his active Facebook

Disabled since 1998, I found that I could also share my love of art and graphics with others, and thus in 2000 began the Adrian's Angels web site and the E-group in late 1999. (you can read  the story of our beginnings at the bottom of this page)

Diagnosed with Triple negative invasive breast cancer in early 2008, it was a HARD fight, but I am now almost 7 years Cancer Free!! I fought ahrd fight with laughter, gardening , crafting and the love of good friends, family and neighbors.

 Over the past 14 years, from my 1st convention until now, I've met some of the most amazing, wonderful and incredible people...and made such dear friends. I've traveled to visit some, and they've traveled to visit me. While my family often wonders if I've lost my mind (I have!!) I have learned to do so many things I never thought possible.

Each day is a new adventure and I've found so many life-long friends. My joy, my Peace is Adrian's Angels and I thank Adrian Paul for being the man he is and for helping so many of us become the people we are.

Much peace!!




II  was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah. I have 2 younger brothers and came from a very musical family. I was brought up on barbershop quartet singing and listening to my dad's quartet, who had won the World Championships just before I was born.

I married my high school sweetheart and, 31 years later, we are still going strong! We were blessed with 4 wonderful, talented, beautiful children - 2 girls and 2 boys. Three are now married and have added 2 babies to the family, adorable little girls, 10 mo. and 6 mo., who have stolen our hearts. Our youngest son still lives with us at home.
Besides playing grandma, my hobbies include sewing, cross stitch, crafting, tole painting, reading, music, camping, cooking (I am a recipe freak!) and mostly spending time with my family.

I have been an Adrian fan from the first moment I saw those piercing eyes, long black hair and stunning smile! It took a while to attach myself to a specific fan group, but once I found Adrian's Angels I was hooked! I love how wonderful and supportive everyone is to all members. I truly feel like we all genuinely care about each other - and Adrian. It's great to admire and support someone so talented, giving and so involved and committed to doing good in the world without expecting anything in return.

This year will be monumental for me - I'm FINALLY able to attend a con and meet Adrian himself, fulfilling a long-time wish! And to top it off, I get to do it alongside some amazing angels!!


Angel Loves,

Elise has been a long time fan of Adrian Paul since his appearance as Kolya 'Nikolai' Rostov on The Colbys TV series. She discovered Adrian’s Angels in 2005 and found she wasn’t the only one with this obsession. Elise’s favorite Adrian film is "The Breed" and she’s looking forward to the day that she gets to meet the man who brought such great characters to life and brought the Angels together.

When not watching Adrian or moderating the Adrian’s Angels Facebook group, Elise is an award winning published author, photographer, and social media maven. She has been a featured author and speaker at several book festivals and conferences. She is also a Municipal Liaison for NaNoWriMo, Lake County, Florida region and founder of Lake Writers.

For fun Elise and her son Tristan like to go looking for adventures in museums and historic places. Going to Steampunk events and of course watching AP dvds!

You can find out more about Elise or her books by stalking….
I mean following her here:

Contrary to popular belief,
we do not hold our Moderators hostage! Teee-heee!

(who, what, where, when & how)

Adrian's Angels began........
.....with me (Riley) flipping channels one late night in 1999 and I first found Adrian Paul and Highlander.
(When I was little, I adored Zorro and his sword-fighting and would terrorize the sheep on our small farm. Yes, I'm THAT old!!! LOL So when I saw Duncan MacLeod wielding that sword, my attention was captured.
My heart would soon follow as I watched the series and eagerly awaited each new epsiode. I became a fan...of Adrian and of all things Highlander.

 I was new to computerland and had no idea where to go, or what to do, So, I began looking for information on Adrian Paul and was amazed. At that time there were over 1200 web sites dedicated to him!!!!

I saw on a message board that there were plans for a Convention (G5) in Denver and while skeptical, I thought it might be a nice way to spend a weekend. I bravely posted my first messages on a couple of lists  asking for information……and no answered me. :>(( I was so bummed. I thought I must have done something wrong, or not be "cool" enough to know all the insider language and codes. (This is one reason we make an effort to welcome newbies and make them feel comfortable. I remember that scared feeling.)

I posted once more and got 2 replies. One from ICRAD1965 (Darci) and one from LEEPEACE (Lee) who both invited me to join a Yahoo group called SAPS (The Send Amanda Packing Society.) They laughingly assured me that I didn't need to hate Amanda, so I gave it a try. Everyone seemed pretty nice and suddenly I was getting mail from new people and had someone else to talk to about Adrian. And I had someone to meet when I traveled to Denver!.

At G5 is where I first met Leepeace. A spry and lively 69 yr old woman, she was the ultimate Adrian fan!! I just adored her, she was so full of life and love for him.  The Con was an adventure and when I got back, I had the urge to try and get creative and make my own web page. My first attempts were such a failure! LOL

So I continued chatting online with my new found friends…..and then things changed for some reason in the following months. It seemed that tolerance became passe, and many of the lists and groups became places where if you were not in the "In" Group,  you were ignored,  verbally attacked, or ridiculed. There were so many newbies who did not know how to answer mail correctly, didn't understand the "inner" language of ROFL, TPTB, TAO, (click here and learn the language yourself) and this bothered me. Especially since I sure belonged in that newbie group too!

Leepeace was not a newbie to the lists, but had a hard time understanding her computer, how to make this happen, how to reply to an e-mail in a certain way, how to post correctly on each Message Board or list. She really tried, and many of us worked to make her understand. After much stress and duress, she became a pariah. From having hundreds of e-mail each day, she suddenly had none. She was ignored.......and so very hurt. I thought, "Give her a break, she's 69 yrs old!" and felt that a fan ought to count for more. She tried so hard to fit in.

So I said….I think I can start a group!!!!!

I looked into starting one on AOL and we did.  At first I had no idea if our little group would consist of anyone but Lee and myself. Then a few others joined us....and we had 7 people!!!! We chose a name, we started Adrian's Angels and I was so excited. LOL Believe it or not, all of those 7 brave Angels are still with us today…except for Leepeace. (She is with us in spirit though!!! )

A few more joined and a few more,  and we started having chats each week, but there were problems using AOL.  So, our little band of Angels moved to Yahoo in July of 2000. We grew slowly... by a member here.. a member there. From the very first I was determined that everyone would be treated equal, we'd be patient, we'd be kind and we'd be different and friendly. We treat each other with respect and decency. If someone needed help learning computing, we'd try to help...if someone needed some support with a problem, we'd flap our wings and help that way.

We ended up moving from Yahoo, to another server, than back again to Yahoo. I was amazed that just about every single Angel made the move with us. We lost our original Yahoo group site, so I had to resign us up. Thus began our official birthday, as AdriansAngels1, on Sept 24th, 2001.

 In the end though, AA started because I felt that we each, as individuals, deserve respect from each other and most of all Peace in our lives. I hope that our attitude in AA shows that every day. Sadly, Lee passed away 12/16/02 and I miss my adopted "mother" so terribly much, but many of us feel her still with us. She was a force to reckon with! LOL

We now have over 500 Angels, friends around the world and I am so honored that each Angel is with us. Some leave for a while, some leave forever....some come back, new ones join ....."to everything there is a season."  I've come to believe that if a fan finds us, for whatever reason, then that is where they are supposed to be. Maybe for a few weeks, maybe for a few years…but while they are with us, I hope that we give them all the love, patience and peace they deserve.

 Thank you all for supporting Adrian's Angels, and for helping me make it what it is today.



May you find the Peace
you sought.

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