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Monthly Calendar Contest
Each month our online E-group holds a contest to design a
Calendar featuring Adrian Paul. What fun!!
It's easy to enter!
1.  Be a member of Adrian's Angels e-group   (If you're not a member, click on the link and join us now!)
2.  Design a calendar. It's requested that the total size be no larger than 81/2 x 11 (landscape or portrait view)
so that it is a printable version for most printers.

3.  Please use the US standard calendar layout...Sunday thru Saturday weeks.

4.  You may use any picture of Adrian, but it's requested that the pictures be Rated R or under. Bare chest bare buttocks please. We're trying to maintain a family atmosphere, as hard as that always is! LOL

5. Just  a suggestion...remember that some people are printing these calendars out each month (I hope!) and using very dark colors will really eat up the printing ink. So be kind??

6. PLEASE, please make sure that you are NOT using the artwork of someone else, or a picture that belongs to someone else.
If you are in question, contact me. Entries using such artwork will not be accepted unless verified.

7.  Calendars will only be accepted as either a .jpeg or .bmp file, with .jpeg the preferred format.

8.  Submit all monthly calendars directly to Riley at:

9.  Submissions are accepted beginning the 1st of each month and until the 15th.  

10.   Voting will then begin on or around the 17th of each month and continue until the 24th.  A POLL will be opened on this page.

11.   The winning announcement will be made by the end of the month both on the AA Yahoo e-group list and on the front page of this web site or on the Contest Page.   

Always wanted to give it a try?  Did you know that your
own computer probably already has a
Calendar or paint program??

Here is how to find MS Paint............

Step 1
Left click on the START icon in the bottom left hand corner or your computer desktop
Step 2
Left click on Programs.
Step 3
Left Click on Accessories.
Step 4
Left click on Paint. Look for the icon of a bucket as shown below.

Once you find PAINT......use the Help button  or try a couple of these place for instruction.
         .... or.....           

If you have MS Office on your computer....
MS Word  
Click on HELP and search for Calendar and
you will be surprised at what you find!!
Rozie found this Scrapbooking site that has free
Calendar Templates  to download.
Looks  like fun and very easy to navigate. Give it a try!


Click on Download Now
New page.... Click here to Download this File
Do you want to Open or Save this file?
Save As (choose a folder to save in. I have a folder I created called Calendars.
       easy to remember where I put the templates. LOL)
Download Complete
Open   Open Folder   Close  (I close the folder, then go to My Computer, then browse to the Folder
       where I downloaded the file.  Then I RIGHT CLICK on the file, choose Extract All.  If you have an older
       computer you  will need to use WinZip  (free download) or your own unzip program.

These are tranparent Templates. You can copy the Month and put it right over any picture you have
created in Paint or other graphics program.

We all start somewhere.....why don't YOU start now?

~Back to Calendar page~
~Back to front page~
All calendars and their design remain copyrighted to their respective owners.
These entries are solely for entertainment value. We try to respect the artistic rights
of others, but errors sometimes happen. If you find that someone has used a portion of a
manip that you have previously created, please contact me immediately and privately
to discuss the matter. Thank you!