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Over the years we've found that there are a few things you
might want to take with you to Gutter Girl Land. AA is happy to
now be able to provide these items for your convenience.
Take as many as you need.

First we'd suggest choosing a bib. A nice selection is offered here, with colors to match your outfit. Hey, might as well coordinate when drooling, right?

A small box of Kleenex might be enough, but we also offer paper towels for when the drool gets a bit heavier.

We also suggest that you have 911 speed-dial ready on your phone
and have it close at hand when you are in GG Land.

Those little hand-held fans will just not be we offer two popular sizes for your use while in GG Land.

A must-have is the Drool Bucket. Over the years we've found that the regular size pail is not big enough, so we now offer a med-sized tub and the larger 52 gallon barrel.  The bucket and tub are galvanized so they will not rust. If you plan on re-visiting GG Land soon, we'd suggest the larger barrel for your home.

For those heavy-duty visits, a fine selection of heavy Egyptian cotton towels and the ultimate luxury, a sheepskin THUD-RUG are definitely called for.

It might be advisable to put a "DO NOT DISTURB" placard on the door to
your computer area, but advise family that if you do not come out within a
specified time, to please check on you.

For added convenience we also provide a nice heavy-duty mop...and for those "spew" events (which usually do happen!) a gold-plated Squeegee should be on your list.
Now that you've stocked up on the sure and grab some
special snacks to make your visit more enjoyable.
A fine assortment of chocolates!
Caution...may melt quickly, so eat fast!
A nice variety of soft drinks are on hand, as well as
the "harder" stuff if you feel the need.
Caution: It's recommended that you be sure and take the squeegee with you to protect your computer screen.

We assume that most who are brave enough to enter GG Land will clean
up after themselves, but from experience we realize that some might be
totally incapable of doing so. We proudly announce that we now offer
(for a small fee) the "DROOL-OUT" our most efficient clean up package.
Everything you need!!

At this time, it's requested that you leave all Halos, wings or
anything Angelic in a safe place. now you are ready (we hope!) so gather up your essentials and enter.....
Gutter Girl Land!!!
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