A very tired, red-eyed Riley, gorgeous Audrianna and the incredible Linda  model their crafter aprons at the PNM craft show, November 2007

We just wanted you to see why craft show season (Nov/Dec) is extremely busy...and what Riley does with her "spare!!!" time all year. LOL

And....why she could not do it without Linda's help! :>))

Set up at 6:30am, shows open at 9 or so and it usually takes approximately 2- 2 1/2 hours to set up...with help. Without...well, it happens. The weekend that Linda comes down, there is a show on Friday, and another on Saturday making a very hectic and tiring weekend.

Tear down begins at 4pm and Riley stumbles into the door about 6pm, if Linda or Corey has been there to help her. Sadly, Audrianna is not big enough to put to "real" work other than enchanting customers, but Riley has plans for her in later years!
The revolving rack is full of Cell Phone/Gear Bags. All colors and designs, they hold cellphones, MP3 players, ID's & cash/credit cards, medications and more!

Great for seniors, school kids, or just about anyone who carries a phone and needs a safe place to hang on to it.

Each bag comes with a long 36" cord to wear around the neck, tie to a belt loop or the strap of a purse for easy access and has a button & loop closure..

The tall rack holds bracelets of all color and style.  The clear containers hold such treasures as Chili Ristra earrings and pins, Cameos, Angel pins, button earrings, other assorted crystal pins and of course, Red Hat items.

<<Red Hat items include: Pins, bracelets, hat pins, earrings and gorgeous Swarovski crystal purple & red earrings.

<<<Also featured are our unique Chakra earrings and pendants. Swarovski crystals glitter like diamonds in the rainbow colors of the Chakra for balanced health.

Not shown are the hematite and magnetic bracelets for those aches and pains, and we also have a huge selection of natural stone chip memory wire bracelets. From tiger eye to sodalite, some with more crystals, they are attention getters!
This table is filled with many containers of fun $1.00 kits. These kits always are such fun....from Log Cabin Starter Kits to Cow Seeds.

Here is an example of one kit....Fish Bait. A small bag is filled with split peas and this tag is on top.

The kits are great for mailing, in a card, set on a friend's desk, or just to someone when you care about them. The booth fills up with lots of customers who are laughing and giggling over these.
The racks are filled with hundreds of necklaces and earrings, all handcrafted by Rileah and no two designs are alike.
Fairy dolls are created from flowers and each has it's own name. These are great for young girls!!

The Fairy Jars feature a miniature fairy world, with info on which garden each fairy was captured in, their name and likes and dislikes.

And of course, our increasingly popular
Amazing Potato Bags!
This shelving unit features man other fun gifts!  Cute Xmas tote bags filled with stuffed critters & goodies, Grumpy Shakers (Long story!), Music Boxes and more.

Also filling the shelves are the cutest stuffed animals you will ever see!! Cats and dogs of various breeds are soft and cushy. They are lightly weighted on the bottom for use as a door stop if needed.

After December 8th, this is how you'll find Riley!
Thanks for visiting!