Not to scale
Trailer is 14' wide X 66' long
I've broken it up into sections so you can compare photo with drawing

Kitchen area

All cupboards & walls have been painted by me, new flooring laid and the countertop is even painted.
Kitchen view from Living Room
View of Livingroom from Kitchen
All walls painted. Originally dark paneling.
3/4 Bathroom
Behind the chair, under the curtain are rolling carts full of craft stuff.
Very messy, in the midst of too much work!!
Doesn't look so bad when curtain is closed! LOL
This is where it's all stored....sort of.
Have to admit, it looks better leaving...right now! LOL
 It is my "catch-all "room.

The Outside

When you first enter the yard. On your left is rosemary, iris and four o'clocks. They meander around towards  the swing. on he right. The tree is only about 3 years old. the old one blew over.

Below is a composite of 2 pics to show the length of the yard. Along the left side are the pyracantha bushes which are thorny and will have fluffy white flowers in a few weeks. In the fall, they are covered with tiny orange berries.

Just beyond them are the huge lilac bushes.

To the right are teh red tipped philos. They surround a small patio.

At the "Y" is a huge Butterfly bush..about 12' diameter and high,will be covered in brigth purple spikes soon. There is a larger patio abck there. you can see the chairs. I lay them down so the wind won't blow them. It's very peaceful and quiet back there. No one can see you.
I have critters all over the yard. Note the deer under the lilac? The goose in the above pic, we brought her back from Indiana

<<This is the froggie area.
The red tipped hedges surround another smaller shaded patio just beyond the porch. The rockers were a mother's day present from corey. They are big and roomy.
To the right is my Fairy Grotto. Above the bird bath and surrounding this back patio area are huge old honeysuckle bushes. I put out croken tiles and little fairy statues with iris and Moss Rose. There are seveal small lilacs trying to establish in the grotto area.
I alays wanted a wishing built one out of tree rings and a pot. There is a lovely fountain here with turles all around. Fake of course. My newest addition is to the left of it..a gorgeous floribunda rose that blooms as 3 colors...peach, yellow and red.  On to the left, is the back patio, the area behind the huge butterfly bush. There area tiger lillies and sea pinks along the walkway.

This is the pathway behind the trailer. Immediaitely behind my bedroom. The trailing roose along the fence is massive and the deep red blloms are magnificent. To the left you can see some honeysuckle overhanging. THere is a large birdhouse under there and bootsie jumps up on top of that and lays to watch over her kingdom.

Linda and I near the lilacs. We could not stop making detours to go over and smell there! Ahhh.

The end