Adrian Paul Holiday 2007
   Walking in an
Adrian Wonderland

(if the music doesn't play, sing along to "Winter Wonderland" and you should
be able to enjoy the poem)

The swords clang, are you listening?
In the lane, there's a Quickening.
The Owl's out tonight,
What a beautiful sight…
Walking in an Adrian Wonderland.

Cole is out, doing tracking.
Neville's in, computer hacking.
Aaron Gray's on patrol,
It's never dull…
Walking in an Adrian Wonderland.

Jeric is pining over Isis.
Frank Habley is plotting a new course.
Brady's in the middle of a crisis.
And we all finally got to see The Source.

Billy James enjoys dancing,
Prospero likes romancing.
John Kincaid moves around,
Not making a sound…
Walking in an Adrian Wonderland.

Kolya is practicing his dancing,
Steven Price is romancing.
What a beautiful night,
To be watching Last Rites…
Walking in an Adrian Wonderland.

Edward Hale likes to wear tights,
Peter Flannery yearns for spotlights.
Dead Men Can't Dance,
They don't get the chance…
Walking in an Adrian Wonderland

Vern is thinking about brain teasers,
Lancelot is looking so fine.
Patrice is taking pictures of eyepleasers
And Enrico's smitten in Love Potion # 9.

Later on we'll retire
And dream by the fire.
Adrian Paul is The Man.
And life is so grand
Walking in an Adrian Wonderland.

We wish you all PEACE
and joy that won't cease and love
from our Adrian Wonderland.

Happy Chanuchristmakwanzaakah!!

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