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Several of our Angels are
published authors.
Please support their efforts and
enjoy their books!


Rocky Belletouche is 47, overweight, and more than a little unbalanced. A grandmother, a wife...she has the kindest mirror on the planet. No one sees what she sees..the voluptuous woman of her youth.

Rocky's latest ambition is to become an exotic dancer.  True to her obsessive-compulsive nature, she persuades her family to drive across two countries during the holidays so she can try out as a Las Vegas show girl.

This sounds like fun!

Donna Dakotah has several books under her belt, as well as poetry and offers help to aspiring authors. You can find her at:

Stone Ramsey is a young gigolo with a dark past who spends his life moving from trick to trick. But when Maverick Elena Johnson, an abused, ten year old little girl, literally comes crashing into him one day, he does the most unexpected thing--he reaches out to her, and when she comes calling on him after a shocking act of violence, he is driven to come to her aid.

Maverick's Stone is the story of their journey as they go on the run and their relationship changes over the years. Going from big brother/little sister, to friends, and finally to husband and wife and mother and father, when their journey finally ends, it is up to the only two friends who know the truth to share their story with their children of how their
family came to be.

The author, Amy Leigh,  was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky.
She has a pet cat named Chyna and is a screenwriter and independent filmmaker.

She is a true-Blue Kentucky Wildcat fan and is planning on training for her second
marathon if she ever gets up the inspiration to start.

Contact the Author at:

Alicia ĎAlií Cameron is yet to find her perfect man. None of the men that she knows even comes close to the man in her dreams; but heís just a dream isn't he? She definitely doesn't know anyone who has a penchant for wearing a kilt! A trip to Scotland may find her in the arms of a man who lived hundreds of years ago.

Amulet of Fate is a tale of love that lasts many lifetimes, a love that cannot be forgotten, for it holds the fate and life of one man in the balance.

Complicated by betrayal and murder, can two star-crossed lovers unveil the secret of a 14th century curse to be reunited and rekindle a love only found in fairytales?

Kiara Jackson is a survivor with one passion is life. Kentucky Wildcat basketball. She is a card carrying member of the Big Blue Nation. She never expects to find love with a wannabe sports journalist, or for her life to intersect with the brightest star in the Big Blue Nation sky. But when it does, her life is altered forever.

"Big Blue Nation helped me through my grieving of the three people I lost while writing it, so those themes are woven throughout it. And in case you haven't noticed, I love University of Kentucky Wildcat basketball. So do a lot of other college basketball fans. Or they love to hate us. But I have to tell you, there's no other club I'd rather belong to."

Amy Leigh McCorkle

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