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After leaving Burbank, a very quick stop in San Clemente to catch some beach air to refresh us...

..then back in the car and off to San Diego
we headed to visit one of Adrian's oldest
fans, Impy.
Impy's lovely little home showed her love of  Adrian that's for sure!
Our lovely hostess gave us a quick tour and then we were
off for a lovely afternoon lunch.
After many laughs and stories, all too soon it was over and we had to say goodbye. :>( A very long drive back to Burbank was ahead of us.

The 99 Cent store became our favorite shopping place!

Who'd imagine "Vampire" wine for $0.99?? We can't either... never got the cork out!!! LOL But we sure had fun trying.

Several stops at In&Out Burger made converts of everyone!
Our final day we spent in Chinatown hunting for sssouvenirs and
trying to describe an "egg" to a lot of Chinese
shopkeepers who did not speak English. Ever try that?? It was hilarious as we flapped
wings and pretended
to be a chicken
laying an egg.
Never mind!!

All too soon it was over and we all headed home with tons of great memories, pictures (well, some of them) and sore tummies
from all the laughter. out!!

Did we mention that "What happens in
Burbank...stays in Burbank?"

Elaine's Report
Ahhh--- where do I begin? Guess I will start at the very beginning---
Had to wake at 3:00 am. Thursday April 12, 2007. A very short night--as I always pack at the last minute--and excitement kept me awake--I managed to get slightly over 2 hours of sleep! Hubby and I left home between 4:30 and 5:00 am for the 1 1/2 hour drive to St.Louis to the airport! After his kiss good-bye, have fun, he leaves and off I go! E-check in--stand in line, show ID, take off shoes----why do I wear the shoes that have to be un-buckled and buckled back again? <G> On to my gate--wait for plane--and I am on my way. Well---the first leg of it anyway.

Arrive in Dallas-Fort-Worth airport. I have a terminal change here, then I am on my way--again! About 45 minutes out of Burbank the seat belt sign is on and I am in for a ride of my life! I have flown many miles and I have NEVER experienced such turbulence!! What a rough ride!!!!!!! <G> The things a woman will go through just to see Adrian!!! But he is definitely worth it!

Finally I am on the ground--safe--but not sure how sound at this point! Ready to make a phone call and my cell phone rings!

GMTA! Riley and I find each other! How wonderful it is to see her again after not seeing each other for quite a while! <VBG> We manage to corral our suitcases, bags, and whatever (as Riley had quite a few neat items!!!!) and catch a shuttle to pick up the car Riley had rented. She is such a sweetie---always manages to get upgrades with her sugar! We both are very excited!! We are in California!!!!!!!!! Since we can’t check in our hotel for a while we decide to do a little ‘find out where everything is’ driving! <LOL> I have decided WE are the Queens of ‘U’ turns, flipping a bitch or whatever you call it! I kept saying I should have kept a tally on it! We finally check in the hotel---only to have Gail call me---she was afraid to call Riley! HA!

She explained how she and Carmen were in a hotel still in PA. as their plane could not take off--because they were to stop in Denver--and Denver was snowed in! After much moaning--we decide to go over to the convention Marriott and check things out. We did get in to look over all the venders that were set up so far---interesting!

The ’Sci-Fi’ cons are just a little bit different than the HLWW ones. To be honest--I don’t remember how we found Nora and Jubie---but we did and we ended up eating supper at the Marriott--thank you Nora! <VBG> Delicious supper---aaaannnndddd---delicious waiter! Max was a cutie and we definitely took advantage of that! Well---not me--after all I am a happily married lady!!!!!! <ROFL> Be sure and ask Riley about ‘warming her butter’! Many laughs later--we were back at our hotel. (Deciding ’What happens in Burbank---STAYS in Burbank!!!!’ <LOL>)

Friday morning--April 13th!!! ( I love Friday the 13th’s! Hubby and I were married will be 40 years ago on Friday October 13th) Riley and I decide to check out a few other things---I can’t remember if this was the time we scoped out the Yummy Bakery--or before. That is why I rarely write con reports---I don’t remember! <LOL>

Anyway---we drove intending to go to Huntington Museum---if I remember it is in Pasadena, but discovered we really did not have time if we were to pick up Gail and Carmen at the airport. It was great to view the scenery---palm trees, flowers, bushes cut to shapes, etc. Back to the airport and finally---Gail and Carmen have arrived! Here again---don‘t remember all we did--we tried to check out the con--but they would not let us in as we didn’t have a ticket for Friday--just Saturday! Now if they would have not let us in the stage area--I would understand, but I would think the vendors would certainly want ‘shoppers’ as we were wanting to buy pictures, etc. Again---con NOT ran as well as HLWW ones. Maybe we are spoiled?!? <G>

Pictures courtesy and copyright of Rileah Ringo, Gail Kallen, Elaine Walch.

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