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Line-up based on information
Earlier movies and appearances by Adrian are harder to find, so fewer pictures.  Other than The Colby's, we began ScreenCapping in 2002 with Code Hunter (aka...Storm Watch).

You will find complete pages dedicated to each individual Adrian Paul movie after that time. current.
Use the links provided below.

In addition, Adrian is now producing new movies with his new company, Filmblips. Check out the Adrian Paul Production Page......Click HERE!

Page One
ul pictures, adrian paul early movies

Adrian's first appearance was in the television series, "The Colby's,"  1986-1987 in a total of nineteen (19) episodes.

Since this appearance was never released as a TV movie or film, it can be found on our TV SCreencaps page for The Colbys. Great information and tons of Screencaps.
Click HERE!  >>

Shooter (1988)
... Journalist/Cameraman

Matt Dobson carries a camera. He's a shooter. A war photographer for International Newspictures Association, Ge enjoys his job. And the danger. He loves life even more.
He prints what we would rather not see. What Washington prefers to under expose. But the camera never lies. Events complicates things which put Matt squarely in the

SHOOTER 'production'. From the battlefield, in the back of beyond to the beds in the brothels of Bangkok. A tragic-comic thriller with heart. Another angle on the fascinating photo montage that was Vietnam. The loves. The thrills. The spills. The superstitions. The propaganda. The cover-ups. The faithful buddies. The bitter betrayals.

Directed by Gary (The Black Hole) Nelson, SHOOTER stars Jeffrey Nordling, Alan Ruck, Noble Willingham and Helen Hunt as Tracey Dryer.

Jeffrey Nordling • Alan Ruck • Noble Willingham • Carol Huston • Rosalind Chao * Kario Salem • Jeffrey Allen Chandler • Cu Ra Nguyen • Helen Hunt • Adrian Paul

***Originally a TV movie this was later released on video to the public.

Last Rites (1988)  
.... Tony

A New York priest with blood ties to the Mafia uses the auspices of the Church to protect the mistress of a murdered Mafia Don--who is being hunted by hitmen in the
employ of her lover's widow.

Tom Berringer * Adrian Paul * Daphne Zuniga

Beauty and the Beast (1988)
TV series

Adrian played Dmitri Benko. One (1) episode only, "Ashes, Ashes". It first aired December 2, 1988. Episode 3 from Season 2.


adrian paul movies, adrian paul movie pictures, adrian paul pictures, adrian paul early movies

Dance to Win (1989)   adrian paul movies, adrian paul movie pictures, adrian paul pictures, adrian paul early movies
.... Billy James

... aka City Rhythms (1989) (USA) ... aka Dance Academy II (1989) ... aka War Dancing (1989)

When it comes to being bad guys streetwise hotshot Slammer and his gang just aren't in the big boys' league. Stealing cars, snatching purses… whatever they try their
hands at lands them up to their necks in trouble. But Slammer get the chance to get something right when he is picked out of a crowd during a video shoot to show off his dancing skills. Dismissed by dance choreographer Billy James as nothing be a kid, Slammer looks for the best way to get even. And this time there's a new battleground — the dance floor...

Entering a local dance competition, Slammer and his gang create their own unique brand of dance, blending conventional steps with their won raw street moves.
Off the streets and using their feet, the gang is a sensation. Now all they've got to is beat the Billy James dancers. And, as usual, they're going to make it as hard for
 themselves as possible!

"War Dancing" was re-released May 10, 2005 on video

adrian paul movies, adrian paul movie pictures, adrian paul pictures, adrian paul early movies

Masque of the Red Death (1989)
.... Prospero

... aka Edgar Allan Poe's Masque of the Red Death (1989)

With a deadly plague ravaging his Renaissance kingdom, Prince Prospero invites his friends to retire to the protection
of his castle for ongoing revels, leaving the peasantry to die. But fate is not so easily escaped by the debauched nobility.

This film is Roger Corman's second adapation of Poe's story, a remake of the earlier version starring Vincent Price.

Patrick Macnee * Adrian Paul * Claire Hoak

"War of the Worlds" (1988)
 TV Series
.....John Kincaid (1989-1990)

... aka "War of the Worlds: The Second Invasion" (1988)

Tom Cruise and Gene Barry aren't the only ones to save Earth from a Martian invasion--from 1988 to 1990, an intrepid band of scientists and soldiers battled the Red Planet menace on the small screen in the action-packed syndicated television series War of the Worlds. The show operated on an intriguing premise that paid homage to George Pal's classic 1953 film version--the Martians, presumed dead at the end of the movie, are actually in a state of hibernation, and 30 years later, they have not only revived, but begun to inhabit human bodies in a second attempt to conquer our planet. Now, a team of scientists (led by dependable character actor Jared Martin) and soldiers (under the command of actor-playwright Richard Chaves) must convince humanity to fight against an alien onslaught. It's unfortunate that War of the Worlds caught on with only a small but loyal audience (the series lasted just two seasons), since its episodes delivered an entertaining mix of science fiction, action, and suspense; highlights from the first season include "Thy Kingdom Come," which introduces a supporting turn by Ann Robinson, who recreates her role from the 1953 film; "Eye for an Eye," which wryly revisits the famous 1938 radio broadcast of War of the Worlds by Orson Welles that spread real panic over much of the Eastern seaboard; and the disturbing "Unto Us a Child Is Born," in which the human team and the aliens search for a half-Earthling, half-Martian baby. All 22 episodes of the debut season are included on this six-disc set; unfortunately for diehard fans, no supplemental features are included. --Paul Gaita

War of the Worlds : Complete Series is on DVD and  was released November 1, 2005

Note: Adrian ONLY appeared in Season Two

Dark Shadows (1991)
 TV Series .... Jeremiah Collins
... aka "Dark Shadows Revival" (1991)
 Episodes 7, 8 and 9.....Season 1
Dark Shadows: Complete Revial Series was released on DVD  on October 18, 2005

Dark Shadows – Resurrected
Interviews, Outtakes and Bloopers

©1996 VHS Tape  Approximate Running Time: 60 minutes

DARK SHADOWS television’s legendary Gothic suspense drama, is back in a lavishly updated version. Originating as a daytime series (1966-1971), the spooky cult classic was reborn in 1991 as a critically acclaimed primetime mini series with an all new cast. An intriguing blend of romance, horror and the supernatural, DARK SHADOWS revolves around the mysterious and wealthy Collins family. Ben Cross stars as the reluctant 200 year old vampire, Barnabas Collins.

DARK SHADOWS RESURRECTED offers wealth of never before seen footage from the 1991 DARK SHADOWS revival series. Including outtakes and bloopers. Also featured are exclusive interviews with cast members and series creator and executive producer, Dan Curtis. DARK SHADOWS RESURRECTED is a behind the scenes collector’s item for DARK SHADOWS fans and television buffs alike.

Starring: Ben Cross, Lysette Anthony, Barbara Blackburn, Michael Cavanaugh, Jim Fyfe, Stefen Gierasch, Joann Going, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Veronica Lauren, Julianna McCarthy, Adrian Paul, Ely Pouget, Barbara Steele, Roy Thinnes, Michael T. Weiss, and Jean Simmons as Elisabeth Collins Stoddard

adrian paul movies, adrian paul movie pictures, adrian paul pictures, adrian paul early movies
adrian paul movies, adrian paul movie pictures, adrian paul pictures, adrian paul early movies

The Owl (1991)
.... Alex L'Hiboux

...aka...The Night Owl
Alex L'Hiboux, a ruthless mercenary-cum-vigilante, is known as 'The Owl' because he never sleeps. His insomnia comes from a combination of a medical disorder and recurring nightmares of the murder of his wife and daughter. Alex is approached by Lisa, a young girl whose father is missing. She awakens painful memories of his own child, but after some persuasion from a policewoman friend, he agrees to help her.

Adrian Paul • Erika Flores • Brian Thompson • Jill Pierce
Jacques Apollo Bolton • Patricia Charbonneau • Gregory Scott Cummins

***Originally at TV movie this was later released on video to the public.

In the Nick of Time (1991)

When a North Pole bookkeeping boo-boo threatens to destroy the magic of Christmas, poor Santa is left with very little time in which to find a suitable replacement.

The old Santa Claus (Bridges) has seven days to find the new Santa Claus (Tucker) and pass the torch to him. The only problem is the new Santa Claus is a curmudgeon who lost his wife and his will to live. He works as a reporter for The Chicago Sun Times, which is a throwback to Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus, and has to rediscover the joy of Christmas. At the last minute, he realizes what is important and becomes the new Santa Claus.
Director: George Miller

Also starring: Lloyd Bridges - Santa Claus Michael Tucker - Ben Talbot Alison La Placa - Susan Rosewell Cleavon Little - Freddy A. Martinez - Charlie Misch Wayne Robson -Melvin

Aired December 16, 1991

No info or pics available

Murder She Wrote (1992)
 TV Series
 "Danse Diabolique"

ORIGINAL AIR DATE: 5 January 1992

SYNOPSIS: Jessica is convinced that a ballerina who died during her premiere performance in a new ballet
was actually murdered.

Tarzán (1992)
TV series
....Jack Traverse
Tarzan and the Savage Storm (1992) …
Tarzan and the Pirate Treasure (1992) …

Love Potion #9 (1992)
.... Enrico Pazzoli

Special Notice: Dale Launer made his directing debut with Love Potion #9. Previously, he had written the hit films Ruthless People, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels and My Cousin
Vinnie. Thought Love Potion #9 was released in 1992, the film was actually shot in 1990, making it one of the first leading roles for star Sandra Bullock.

In this charming romantic comedy, a brilliant but lonely biochemist (Tate Donovan) gets a mysterious potion from a gypsy who guarantees it will turn his life around. After
showing it to his co-worker (Sandra Bullock), a shy animal psycho biologist, they achieve amazing amorous results in a chimpanzee experiment. Now the only way to
 see if it works on humans is to test it on themselves.

Tate Donovan • Sandra Bullock • Dale Midkiff

In addition, Adrian is now producing new movies with his new company, Filmblips.
Check out the Adrian Paul Production Page......Click HERE!

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