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Note: Many of these pins can be reproduced. If you are interested in a specific
design or have an idea for a "special" pin, please use CONTACT US button and
we'll be happy to try and create a design especially for you!
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Wish Upon a Star Kilt Pin

The 4: Kilt Pin features all kinds of little Celtic beads, moons, suns, stars and lots of Swarovski crystals. Measures 4" high.
$25.00 ea   
Celtic Crystal Kilt Pin

Just black, no two beads alike, lots of small Celtic findings andeven a Scottish lion charm. The gorgeous clear quartz crystal adds a fantasy touch. Good harmony.
$18.00 ea   
Celic Kilt Pin

Kilt Pin-England
Kilt Pin- Dream
Peace to the Children Kilt Pin

Children need protection so the tiny gold-toned feathers take care of that. Small boy & girl charms, Peace symbols and the Spiral Hand for protection all accent the jet colored Czech glass beards.
$20.00 ea
Blue Celtic Kilt Pin

If you enjoy blue and a unique type of pin, this is for you!

Lots of glass beads in various shades of blue from Cobalt to Royal. The pin is, adorned with tiny Celtic charms and findings. Pin is 4" wide.
$18.00 ea
Purple Hearts Kilt Pin
$18.00 ea
I Dream of Paris Kilt Pin
$22.00 ea
 Jewelry MAIN

Now you can give a  special, personal gift....with creativity!

Name prints incorporate over 80 wonderful, original designs to choose from....Baby, Sports, Animal, Ethnic, Scenery and more.

 You choose the design, you choose the name and each one
is created from scratch.  


Now you can have that wonderful restaurant taste of a baked potato right in your home..within minutes...in YOUR MICROWAVE!!

So easy to use in't "Amazing!"

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