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AA Charm Bracelet

Show your charm with an AA bracelet that spells out Adrians Angels.
$7.00 each
Angel Bracelet

A great way to show your
AA spirit! Embossed printing make these just look expensive!

$5.00 each
AA Lettered Key Rings

Carry Adrian's Angels with you everywhere with these fun keychains!
$4.00 each
Angel Feather

A lovely poem describes why you need this Angel Feather in yor home.  Size: 6"h x 2" . Hanger is 4" long.

Approx. Weight: .5oz
$5.00 each
AA Wrap Bracelets

Memory wire wrap bracelets with AA in mind. Using glass  plastic beads with Alphabet letters.

$5.00 each
Angel Zipper Pulls

Cute dangles for your purse zippers, and a great conversation starter.

$4.00 each

AA Stone Chip
Wrap Bracelets

Chip bracelets show your AA support.
$15.00 each
SELECT Chip Preference
AA Thud Rug

Next time you fall off your chair, these rugs will cushion your fall!

$5.00 each
AA Loop Earrings

Spelling out Adrians Angels these hoops are perfect.
$5.00 pair

Angel Feather in a Globe

Captured especially for you! An Angel feather and sweet poem are perfect gifts. Size: 3" diameter
$5.00 each
S'more Angel Ornament

Soft and gooey, this fun Angel is unique. Coasting on a chocolate bar and resting on a piece of graham creacker this S'more Angel needs a home.
 Size: 3"h x 2 1/4"w

Approx. Weight: .4oz
$5.00 each
Now you can give a special, personal gift....with creativity!

Name prints incorporate over 80 wonderful, original designs to choose from....Baby, Sports, Animal, Ethnic, Scenery and more.

 You choose the design, you choose the name and each one
is created from scratch.  

Now you can have that wonderful restaurant taste of a baked potato right in your home..within minutes...in YOUR MICROWAVE!!

So easy to use it's "Amazing!"

Quantities and styles are VERY limited...
so ORDER NOW to get yours before they run out!

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